Finley Washington School District

Finley school district

In 1908, there were only 25 families residing in Finley. Fruits and vegetables were raised and shipped to other parts of the country. The relocation of the town of Hover to Finley was the reason why Finley boomed. Soon, buildings and stores were being built. 1903 was the year the first Finley School was built and in 1904, Finley School District was formed.

Finley School District Resources & Statistics:

At present, the Finley School District hasFinley school district a population of approximately 1,100 students and 59 teachers, making up the student-teacher ratio of about 18 students for every teacher.

Finley’s Three Schools
Finley School District education agency has 3 schools offering Pre-Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade – Finley Elementary School which has about 470 students, Finley Middle School which has about 275 students, and River View High School with about 360 students. The High School building has a gymnasium with a 2,000 seating capacity used for wrestling and gymnastics.

In 2001, Finley School District bagged the Grand Prize in the Magna Award presented by American School Board Journal. Magna Award acknowledges the country’s school districts for their excellent programs towards advance student learning.#idx-price-bar#

Mutual Respect
Finley School District believes that mutual respect is very important for a district to be successful; a student’s individual learning style should be recognized; apart from Academics, Athletics and other activities are essential elements to improve learning; everyone can learn and everyone is a role model; and that learning is a never-ending process.

It is the goal of the district to improve achievement through the Adequate Yearly Progress and the medium of instruction to be used is the Essential Academic Learning Requirements and Grade Level Expectations.

It is the Finley School District mission is to develop the students’ talents whether it is natural or learned by providing them with a protected environment conducive to learning so that the students of the Finley School District will be responsible citizens.

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