Painting Benefits

Think you’re ready to put your home on the real estate market and sell it? You may think you have completed your mental checklist of getting your house ready for the real estate market and the public, but have you considered all the things you can do—and the things you should get rid of, too—to increase the value and worth of your house beforehand?real estate home painting, house paint

Getting Your Home Ready for the Real Estate Market
Some of these considerations include generally “spiffing” up your home to improve its overall look; getting rid of unpleasant odors, unsightly stains, and unwanted bugs; making any and all necessary repairs to fix everything that is broken or not working properly; cleaning the house from top to bottom, especially the bathroom(s) and the basement; de-cluttering and reorganizing the house; making your home look more attractive and appealing on the inside; cleaning your gutters, and increasing your “curb appeal” by tidying up and fixing your yard and increasing the overall attractiveness of your house from the outside.

Painting to Benefit Appreciation
One way to up your “curb appeal” factor is through exterior painting. Painting is also often highly recommended for the interior of your home, as well, before you put it on the real estate market and have potential buyers scrutinizing your every nook and cranny.

Painting your house—both inside and out—can greatly benefit and enhance the real estate appreciation of your home, and will increase buyer appeal and potential and your chance to sell your home at the price you want.

Exterior Painting to Increase Your Home’s Worth
When sizing up a home from the outside, one of the biggest indications of whether or not a buyer will consider seeing it is the exterior paint job. A poor color choice or color combination, a poor paint job, or old and peeling paint real estate house painting, home paintwill more than likely turn potential buyers away, or cause interested buyers in putting a low bid on your home—lower than you know it is worth.

Take some time and invest some money into repainting the exterior of your house. Not only will it up its real estate appreciation (increase the value of your home—what it’s worth), but a good paint job will actually help to attract more potential buyers who are willing to offer a price more closely matched to what you are looking for.

Make sure to choose neutral and complementary colors when shopping for paint for the outside of your house. Neutral colors are important because they appeal more to the masses and give you better resale. Make sure to also select a primer and to take the necessary time to do a top-quality job, something that will look good and something of which you can be proud.

Interior Painting to Increase Your Home’s Worth
Next, think about the interior of your home. While the exterior paint job is important for the outer look and curb appeal, the interior paint job is just as if not more important for real estate appreciation as well as for increasing the appeal of your home, thus attracting more potential buyers.

If your home has already been painted (with attractive yet neutral colors) in the recent past and is essentially wallpaper-free, you may not need a new paint job. However, if the paint job is old, if the colors are too bright or otherwise questionable, and if it has busy wallpaper, it’s time to invest in a new paint job.

An old, peeling paint job says you don’t take care of your home and look unattractive. Too-bright colors are sometimes a turn-off. Neutral colors appeal to the masses. You don’t want to be known as the owner of “that house with the bright purple and orange bathroom,” do you? Most people don’t like busy wallpaper or wallpaper at all. Remove it first, and then paint. Select some primer as well as fresh, high-quality paint in appealing, neutral (and matching) tones, and get to work.

Another way in which interior painting can helppainting real estate home, house paint with the real estate appreciation of your home and its overall appeal is in the case of having a small room. Some homes have that one room that is so small it almost seems like a closet. If this is the case with your home, consider a new paint job in a light-colored, neutral tone. Light-colored paint will help to make any small room look substantially bigger, not to mention brighter.

Painting Benefits, Conclusion
If you don’t have the time or think you can do a good enough job, and you have some extra money, consider hiring a professional painting company for either the exterior painting or interior painting of your home, or both.

Painting the inside and outside of your home is definitely a worthwhile consideration and an investment of time and money if you want to increase its real estate appreciation and attract more potential buyers who are willing to pay the price you feel your home is actually worth.

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