Effective and Simple Words to Use When Selling Your Home

As you and your real estate agent work on a strategy to sell your property, part of the process is determining what features to play up in your advertisements. While these types of advertisements can sometimes boil down to more than a price and a lot of marketing fluff, the most effective flyers and web ads give truthful, helpful information on the property.

What to Include in Your Advertorials
Simple Words to SellSo, what information should you include? While that determination depends on what type of property you are marketing, there are some core pieces of information to include in any marketing communication on any property. It may seem like common sense to include the sale price of the home in all communications, but some real estate agents choose not to.

The reason the sale price is left off some marketing materials is that real estate agents want to capture as many leads as possible, whether the home is in a particular buyer’s price range or not. Sometimes these interested buyers call in without an agent, something that will land your agent an extra client. That might be good for the real estate agent, but leaving the price off of marketing materials typically causes more harm than benefit.

This tendency of some real estate agents to leave out the sale price of the property speaks to a philosophical difference some real estate agents have when trying to develop marketing materials. While omitting important pieces of information like the sale price, location, or the number of bathrooms might prompt more phone calls to the real estate agent, it can also frustrate potential buyers.

When the ultimate goal of any home sale is to land one interested, well-qualified buyer, only the tactic of providing as much information as possible is likely to land that buyer. By filling in all of the information gaps and removing any uncertainty from the process, you can quickly filter out the buyers that will ultimately prove not to be interested in the property from those with genuine interest.

Transparency in Marketing Materials
There can also be a temptation in marketing materials to either downplay a negative aspect of the home or to blatantly lie about the state of a particular property. 

It is a natural tendency to want to highlight only the positive aspects of a property, but it also represents a disservice to the buyer. A better way to confront a potential problem with a home is to get an estimate on fixing whatever it is that is not up to par. That way, when it comes time to negotiate seriously with a potential buyer, you will be better prepared to do so and can more quickly work out a settlement agreeable to both sides.

Overall, your goal should be to remove all uncertainty about your home. That can only be done by providing a complete set of information about your property to prospective buyers. There can sometimes be a temptation to leave information out of a listing description or flyer text to prompt extra interaction with prospective buyers. However, this tactic more often benefits your real estate agent than you and can even become a deterrent to some interested buyers.

The process of marketing your home is a collaboration with your real estate agent on providing the information that will ultimately turn up people interested in your property. No one knows better than you how to properly publicize your home and balancing that unique perspective with a desire to give a full description of the home will most often lead to success in your real estate transaction.

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