Will Holding an Open House Sell Your Tri-Cities Washington Home?

If you are a real estate agent, then an open house is a prospecting tool rather than a way to sell the home they are showing. There are many reputable real estate agents that won’t host their own property’s open house. They opt for a newer agent to take on the job. Real estate open house

It is common for a listing agent to pass the job on to someone else even though they could be there if they wanted to be and keep all the commission. They are offering half of their commission if the hosting agent sells the home. Real estate agents don’t feel that an open house is commonly sold to someone, so this act isn’t considered risky.

Reasons Why Real Estate Suggests an Open House
Despite this fact agents who tell you to hold an open house are doing it for two main reasons. Agents want to prove that they are doing everything in their power to sell your property even if they know it isn’t highly effective for the seller. They are suggesting you hold an open house to use as their personal prospecting tool.

During an open house, a dozen couples that are looking for a house come to your home and begin by signing in with their names and telephone numbers. This may seem like an opportunity for you but it is more for the real estate agent. The main reason is to get a list of prospective buyers to work with. The majority of the couples that come by will be looking for homes that aren’t anything like yours.

What to Expect from an Open House
Basically, it isn’t expected that an agent will actually sell your home during the open house process. Many real estate agents have confessed that they haven’t sold a single home through an open house, but have obtained names and numbers of prospective home buyers and successfully sold them other properties.

This doesn’t mean that it never happens because it does, just not very often. When it comes to selling real estate every bit of exposure will increase your odds of selling. Just keep in mind that it is more about being an effective prospecting tool for your real estate agent rather than being all about selling your home.

For some families, it may or may not be worth the trouble. Some families find it difficult to get a time frame set up to hold an open house because of their busy lifestyles. Other may have plenty of free time and are more than willing to do whatever it takes to get a qualified buyer interested in their home.

The homeowners who do decide on an open house to increase their odds of a successful sale should hide all of their valuables and breakables before guests come over. Some agents request that you leave your valuables on display to give the home a nice appearance but don’t listen to them. It is likely that parents will bring their children. If you decide to leave things in their place then it is recommended that you set up a camera because neither you nor your hosting real estate agent can watch everyone all the time.

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