Help Your Realtor Sell Your Home More Effectively – Part IV

Power in the Details
Hopefully, you have gained a lot of knowledge as well as helpful hints and tricks from parts one through three on how you can help us realtors help you sell your home.

Selling Help, Part 4Finishing with part four, the interior of the home is so important to selling your home. Details on the interior of the home can make or break the deal to sell for your asking price.

Final Items
Appliances should be free of dirt, grease, grime, and food. Detail your appliances from the outside in. The refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, and toaster should be sparkling. Sinks and counters are important. Clear the counters as much as possible. The less they have on them the bigger they become. Most buyers will love the look of more counter space over the seller's clutter in their home.

Underneath the sink in the kitchen and bathroom are key areas that buyers will look to check whether they are dry and clean. Be sure to repair any leaks in plumbing and faucets. Also, replace and clean any water spots or damage that may have occurred.

There should be nothing under the sinks. Buyers will want to get a full view of them to make sure that there are no hidden plumbing issues.

Toilets, water heaters, and faucets will be checked inside and out. Make sure they all look immaculate. The toilets will be flushed. Faucets will be turned on and off to check the water pressure. Water heaters will be checked especially around the bottom for leaks. Central heat and air units should have clean filters. Your buyers will most likely take a look and see if you have maintained the unit.

There should be no dirt, trash, cobwebs, or dust throughout the home. Be sure to hit every corner high and low. Don’t neglect the light fixtures, shelves, drawers, and mantles. These are great for catching bugs, dust bunnies, and dirt. Be sure to take the light fixtures down to wash them and make any needed repairs. Clear the personalized home décor including family pictures off of the shelves and mantle as it will help make your home look less occupied and more inviting to your buyer.

All plumbing and electrical issues in the house should be properly fixed before the home goes on the market. Major issues with plumbing or electricity will look like dollar signs out the window in the possible purchase of a new home. Your asking price will not look as good if they might have to put out a lot of cash before or shortly after moving into a new home.

Be sure not to forget the obvious removal of any unwanted rodents, pests, or insects that may have thought they just found their new home. You want all signs of pests gone before a buyer steps foot in the home. If this can’t be done by you then hire someone who can. Nobody wants to buy a new home that has those types of pre-existing residents.

Closets should be as clear of clutter as possible. Only have as few clothes, shoes, boxes, and other items that accumulate in closets as you must. The less there is in them, the bigger they look. So clear the closets to the best of your ability.

Have essential furniture only when buyers come to look at your home. Less is worth more to your asking price. The furniture that is left in the home must be cleaned, dirt, and stain free. Animal hair should all be removed by vacuuming or whatever means needed. If your furniture is stained, tattered, or torn covering it with a nice light color will give them a new look for less.

Attics and basements deserve extra attention as well. Basements especially should be dry, clean, and clutter-free.

In closing a good rule of thumb is if it creaks, leaks, or squeaks you should fix it, oil it, or replace it if needed. Hopefully, this four-part series was useful in helping us to help us, help you, sell your home.

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