Hit the Senses When Selling Your Tri-Cities Washington Home

There are countless ways to go about dressing up a particular property for sale. This site and others are full of ways to enhance the look of your home to tantalize a prospective buyer into making an offer. However, many of them work on one of the five senses, sight, and neglect the others. That can leave a lot of room to improve your home to not only hit all the senses but develop a more complete experience when a seller sets foot in the property.

Retail organizations have used this perspective for ages, pumping smells into a building to coax a buyer to spend more time in a store or make an impulse purchase motivated simply by a particular smell. While residential Selling With The Senseshome sales don’t usually involve the same types of manipulative techniques, they can certainly take on a few of the tenets to produce an experience tailored to the home buying experience.

Develop a Selling Smell
A home is like a mini ecosystem, developing a whole host of different smells based on the people, animals, and items that inhabit it. Animals especially can fill your home with a bit of negative odor, something that can certainly turn off a potential buyer or cut home showings shorter than they might be otherwise. While masking these odors can certainly help, airing out your home if the weather permits is better.

One trick that some real estate agents have used in the past is filling the home with the smell of fresh-baked cookies or some other inviting smell to coax a longer showing to stay out of a buyer or give an open house and more home-like feel. Many potential buyers are on to this game and it can sometimes be seen as manipulative, so working on helping your home smell better through conventional means like candles can be a more acceptable way to improve the atmosphere of your home.

Touch to Own
Nothing can kill a home’s value like grimy surfaces. If a potential buyer touches a stair banister, kitchen counter, or bathroom sink that has a bit of a crusty feel to it, the way that buyer feels about the home can plummet into disinterest in a hurry. Cleaning is a key tenet of getting a home in selling shape, but even cleaning can sometimes miss areas of the home or leave a film behind.

The easiest way to see just how your home feels is by going through your home with the mindset of a potential buyer. Touch the things that you would want to touch if you were buying the property. While the items I listed before are common, your home might have other surfaces (children’s areas, for example) that you might want to pay special attention to. Don’t let a simple sticky pot on a home surface come between you and a potential sale.

Develop an Entire Atmosphere
Generating a feel for a home that encompasses all five senses can put you much closer to creating an inviting atmosphere for a buyer that could fall in love with the feel of the property. Taste can be hit through smell and hearing can certainly be enhanced through soft music in the background that creates a warmer atmosphere in the home. Everything that is done should be done with the goal of enhancing the overall feel of a property as conveying a feel is an extremely powerful selling technique.

Many tips and tricks focus solely on developing a better sight for your property. Don’t let your efforts end there. Generating an atmosphere that is inviting to all five senses will help you sell your home faster and develop a feel for your home that communicates the feeling of home and the feeling of value to potential buyers.

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