Sell Your Home as if Selling Your Life

The process of selling your home can seem like you are doing nothing more than getting rid of the wood, stone, and metal that has surrounded you. Selling your home is much more than that, and in any real estate transaction, many more factors come into play that isn’t covered solely by the materials used in your home.

When you sell your home, it is like selling all the aspects of your life. Everything from your neighbors, your lawn, your school district, and your nearby commercial stores come into play whenever you place your home on the market. Just because you have the number of bathrooms and bedrooms that a customer is looking for, that doesn’t mean that your real estate is the one that will make buyers see their new home.

Marketing Your Home
Though you may be enamored with the stores in your area or the school district your children go to, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the people thinking about buying your home are. When you and your realtor sit down to think about creating marketing materials for prospective buyers, make sure that you think about that dynamic when going through the message you are sending to potential buyers.

Don’t be afraid to look over the marketing materials for your home. Your realtor may be helping you, but you are the one selling your home. If there are points or features of your home that you feel should be included for buyers to see, don’t hesitate to speak up and have them included in the flyers and online materials created for your real estate.

Realtors are great for compiling the raw data about your home and using that data to price your home and develop a strong slate of information that would Selling Your Lifepotentially be interesting to buyers. However, you have the key advantage of having lived in your home for a period of time and no computer system or web search and recreate that experience.

Sell What You Love
What did you like about living in the home? On your way home from work, what are the things you look forward to in regard to the area you live in? These are the kinds of questions that through answering them for your prospective buyers can create a better, more realistic, more descriptive image of what living in your home is like.

By taking what amounts to your immense expertise on the area and living conditions of your home and putting it to use for your home-selling process, you are offering up a more personal set of data that oftentimes can connect on a deeper level with prospective real estate buyers.

While all of these marketing efforts are intended to bring your home into the minds of the many people that read newspapers or drive by your home, it is the personal touches that are added later that connect with the handful of people that are truly interested in purchasing your piece of real estate. Just as selling is a personal, emotional process for you, it can be a personal, emotional purchasing process for prospective buyers.

Sell What Interests the Buyer
So as you go through the process of your selling your home, do more than just sell the amenities of your home or the new addition you built a few years ago as a home improvement project. Sell the proximity to a local supermarket or the ability of children to walk to their school. Sell easy access to major highways or a short drive to the airport. Sell the little things that make living in a home more than just living in a three-bedroom, two-bath home. Sell the community that makes your little neck of the woods feel like home to you and you will find buyers that will potentially feel the same way.

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