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real estate articles | informationWhy Real Estate Articles?
Because of the great customer service, The Lane Real Estate Team has over 20 combined years of helping buyers and sellers navigate the Tri-Cities real estate market, Joe and Colleen Lane have worked hard developing a library of articles that can help you along every step of the real estate transaction process, whether you are buying or selling any kind of property. If you are interested in getting tips on having the perfect moving day, there are articles here to help you with moving as well.  If you are interested in the various finance options that might be available to you, there are articles discussing finance as well.

No matter what your specific real estate issue might be, getting clear, concise, accurate answers is the quickest way to put yourself in control of the situation. Nothing cuts through the stress and hassle of a situation like fully understanding the various steps along the way and taking control over what can be a very personal undertaking. The articles on this page and throughout the Lane Real Estate Team website have been written with just that principle in mind.

Articles on real estate to serve you!Years of Experience Available
Joe and Colleen Lane have started to put their over 20 years of combined experience in Tri-Cities Wa real estate into articles available for anyone that takes the time to visit this site, hoping that some of the tips and tricks that have helped Joe and Colleen for so many years will come in handy for a growing number of buyers and sellers that have enlisted the help of the Lane Real Estate Team.  

The motto of Colleen and Joe Lane has long been “good old fashioned customer service” and that starts with valuing the thoughts and needs of every buyer and seller that contacts the Lane Real Estate Team. Putting as much information as possible in the hands of those customers is one of the best ways to quickly provide guidance and knowledge during what can sometimes be a confusing process. These articles accomplish that goal well, but only scratch the surface of what the Lane Real Estate Team is able to provide on a personal basis for customers that make the wise decision of enlisting the help of Joe and Colleen Lane.

As you go through these articles gathering tips that you can use during your home sale or purchase, remember that your individual situation will likely have its own unique twists and turns that are best handled by a seasoned real estate team that is accustomed to the roller coaster nature some transactions can have. That kind of measured, expert knowledge only comes with time and because Colleen and Joe Lane have spent much of their time working directly in the Tri-Cities area, a strong local voice is also available to Tri-Cities buyers and sellers.

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Contact The Lane Real Estate Team today to get started on transferring all of the accumulated knowledge you see in these articles into personal care taken for your unique real estate transaction. For building a foundation of knowledge for your upcoming sale or purchase, these articles can be a great tool. For navigating the entire sale or purchase of a home, commercial property, or lot, getting the full support of Colleen and Joe Lane is even better. The knowledge and expertise that make up all of these articles can be put to work for you and your property with a simple phone call to the Lane Real Estate Team.

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