Some Drawbacks of Living on a Golf Course

To be clear from the start, living on a golf course is one of the most scenic, beautiful, and fulfilling ways to spend your time. Anyone with the means and the desire to do so will not be discouraged by the few drawbacks to spending your life with a backyard fairway. For those with a desire to live on a golf course, these cons will not touch the pros to be had, but those on the fence should at least consider a few of the drawbacks.

Golf Course Drawbacks

A few drawbacks were thrown out, to begin with as simply par for the course. Will you get an errant tee shot in your window? Probably not, so spending time worrying about such an eventuality is not a beneficial use of your time. Similarly, worrying about people hacking away at your backyard should a ball make it in is not an effective use of your time either. A ball in your yard will be chalked up to a lost ball and forgotten on most courses. There are, however, a few drawbacks.

The Most Trafficked Back Yard in Town
The most obvious drawback to living on a golf course is the constant activity behind your home if you live directly on a fairway or green. There are busy parts of every neighborhood, but few involve golf carts and a steady stream of people as early as 5 a.m. on every possible day the weather allows it. Indeed, an investment in good blinds and curtains is a sound one for someone whose windows constantly face onlookers.

While this is not a major knock against living on a golf course, having your backyard act as a backdrop for sport on a course likely to see a lot of use is something not everyone wants to be a part of. Having toys strewn about the yard or not having it manicured to the point of the neighbors will likely draw the eye of some and while that is certainly not an earth-shattering dilemma, it is a concern for some who don’t want to have as many eyeballs on their home as a golf course provides.

Permeating Nature of Golf
For those in your family not enamored with golf, living on a golf course can be a difficult prospect given the tendency for a neighborhood that features a golf course to keep it a constant topic of conversation and debate. It should come as no surprise that a home whose backyard rests against a fairway would become such a lightning rod for the sport, so it is certainly not possible to claim surprise on this feature of the neighborhood.

Putting it in Perspective
These are very minor drawbacks when it comes to the benefits afforded by living on a golf course like the communal nature the golf course can help encourage and the beautiful scenery a well-manicured course provides. For those that have the desire to live on a golf course, these issues are simply part of the experience and while there may be a few extra eyeballs in the backyard or a few extra conversations about golf on the driveway, those simply come with the package of living on a golf course.

As you evaluate whether a move to a golf course property is right for your family, it is prudent to at least explore the negative aspects of doing so in any conversation you have with your family. As with many aspects of life, playing a bit of a devil’s advocate at times can be useful to the decision-making process and can ultimately produce a better overall feeling at the outcome of the debate. These slights may be minor, but they do exist and should be talked about freely in light of any golf course property decision.

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