Granite Can Make a Difference in Your Home Sale

Though times and tastes have changed in what can help sell a home, one of the current hot items is granite countertops. These countertops give your home a modern, updated feel and will often speak volumes to an interested buyer that you have put time and effort into updating your home. This, more than many other things you can do to a property, can increase a potential buyer’s likelihood of purchasing your piece of real estate.

Set Your Home Apart from Others
Though updating and renovating your home may not make sense in a hot seller’s market, for those that are trying to sell a property in a bit of a buyer’s Simple Mineral Sellingmarket, simple steps can make a world of difference in setting your home apart from all the others. Setting yourself apart is really the core tenet of selling a home and anything you can do to achieve that should be pursued vigorously.

Spruce up Your Kitchen
While you may not be able to do much about improving the location of your home, you can do much to improve the way your home shows to a prospective buyer and that is where things like granite countertops can make a difference. Interested buyers often pay special attention to a home’s kitchen as it is the nerve center of most homes.

Give yourself every advantage. If you know that a kitchen is something that will motivate a potential buyer to go through with the purchase, spend extra time and money renovating that area. Spend the most energy on what will ultimately benefit you most and if you have the funds to do so, granite countertops can help you accomplish that goal.

Is a granite countertop the only thing that can help you sell your home quicker? Of course not. The key here is to keep in mind that you should walk through your home as a potential buyer would. For every bullet point on your home that makes a buyer want to purchase it, there is probably a negative on the list that might make them think twice. Eliminating as many of these negative bullet points as possible will help you sell your home much quicker.

Granite Can Make a Difference
When a typical buyer hears the words “new granite countertops,” they will immediately put that on the pro side for your property. A seller that hears the words “new granite countertops,” will probably first think of the cost involved. This can be true for any home upgrade and sometimes investing in your home can pay off through a quicker sale or slightly higher sale price.

Granite countertops especially have come down in price over time and there is certainly no harm in getting an estimate on your home. However, if that kind of upgrade is out of your price range, perhaps think about taking a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen. Maybe your cabinets could use a little work or updating. Maybe the flooring in your kitchen could use a few touch-ups.

No matter what you ultimately determine about the state of your home, there are always ways to improve it. Remember, in a buyer’s market you are in direct competition with every other home on the market. To get the quickest sale possible, do more than the home down the street. It’s that simple.

Sure, granite countertops can be one way to make a big splash with your home, greatly increasing its sale value. However, don’t remain limited to big-ticket items like that. Every home has a few things here or there that can be improved and while there might be obvious ones like new countertops or new cabinets, never underestimate the value of a little paint.

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