The Lure of Living on a Golf Course

The lure of living on a golf course is one that grips many people as the expanses of lush, precisely manicured fairways and the scenery those expanses provide make for a beautiful setting to live in. For those able to explore the possibility of living on a golf course, some of the aspects of the The lane real estate team rocks!neighborhoods that have been built around golf courses provide strong motivation to swallow what will be a pricey lot premium and build or buy on a golf course.

A golf course property is like a vacation property or a property that looks out onto a river or other body of water. The premium paid is for the scenery involved and for a golf course, which could be an impressive site. It’s not often that you can afford to have a few acres of your backyard constantly manicured by professional landscapers tasked with building a uniquely beautiful setting. However, that’s just what backing up onto a golf course can do for you.

The Community Of Golf
Perhaps the strongest lure is the community that pops up around a golf course, complete with membership in the local club and the various amenities that membership affords. Golf course neighborhoods often have a very strong sense of community that serves to welcome those that have decided to become a part of it. In fact, because there is a central meeting place for most people in the neighborhood, the golf course, the entire setup can engender a great feeling of being part of something bigger.

While all of that may not appeal to everyone, having a tight-knit community that revolves around the beautiful surroundings of a golf course and its related dining areas, tennis courts, and so forth, is a great asset to a neighborhood. For those raising a family, there are sure to be resources that appeal to everyone in the family and while there may be a premium on the lot and amenities, that can often be paid for tenfold through the enjoyment gained through having a golf course as the centerpiece of a neighborhood.

Preservation Of Value
The reason homes that back up onto golf courses are so like vacation properties are their steady climb upward in value. Just as homes that sit on the beach are seemingly constantly in demand, so too are homes that back up onto golf courses as far more people share the dream of living on a golf course than there are homes to satisfy that need. If you have to sell living on a golf course to a non-believer in your family or group of financial advisers, the sustained value of golf course area homes is a great place to start.

The roadblock for new builds especially is the lot premium demanded on the property that dwarfs those in other areas. A lot premium can be likened to a high down payment requirement on a car. Though it can be tough to swallow that price tag up front, the value seen after the purchase and the subsequent manageable payments more than makeup for the initial sticker shock.

No matter what your initial motivation is for living on or near a golf course, the beautiful expanse behind your home and the well-manicured nature of the course can make even the most ardent anti-golf course living proponents fall in love with the prospect. The fact that value can be maintained in the property and will likely rise over time only sweetens the pot and makes golf course living one of the most attractive possibilities for homeowners to consider.

Columbia Point Golf Course
Columbia Point Golf Course is set in the lush green landscapes of Richland Washington. This is a high-class course, with a daily fee facility which is owned by Richland City. The course has been reported to be challenging, although all levels of golfers will enjoy a game here. Located to the east of the Cascade Mountains, the Columbia River flows right past its doorstep.

James J. Engh designed the feature mounds, the undulating fairways, and the large open spaces of greens. The course was officially opened in 1997 and Columbia Point ensures that its golf shop, café, covered patio area, and driving range are fully stocked with needed amenities.

The wonderful climate of Richland, Washington has made golf a very popular sport, and visitors come to the course from across the nation, as well as across the counties of Washington State. 


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