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Moving AssistanceRelocation Creates Change
Whether you are moving a few states away or a few blocks away, relocation can mean a lot of changes for you and your family. Utility services need to be initiated, children need to be enrolled in school and mail needs to be forwarded. The list of things that need to be changed as your address changes is extensive, but by enlisting some help in the process, you can simplify your relocation process, giving you the luxury of devoting more energy to your new home.

Surviving Moving Day
Getting all your possessions boxed up and moved can be a long and mentally tasking experience. However, the Lane Real Estate Team has put forth a few tips that they have discovered over their years of helping buyers and sellers settle into their new homes. Joe and Colleen Lane have even gone through moves themselves, picking up tricks along the way that can help you save time and effort.

One of the best tips is to pack a box of vital items you will need soon upon arriving at your new property. Keeping this box nearby at all times can save you time hunting down information or items you need in a sea of packed boxes. This is just one tip of many that you can use to solve the stress that can permeate moving day. Articles about ways to smooth your moving experience, how to pick a moving company, and many other topics can be found right here, putting together the extensive experience of Colleen and Joe Lane into simple tips and tricks.

Take Advantage At Work
Not every company offers relocation assistance, but many do and it is up to you to ask for it. Don’t simply assume that someone will contact you to set up the details of your trip. Instead, be proactive in your exploration of your company’s relocation programs, and be sure to inquire about what services are available soon after you are hired.

In fact, you can even include some of the moving assistance you might want in your salary and compensation negotiation before even taking the job. Your employer wants you to be happy and productive from day one and making it clear that a smooth relocation can help accomplish that goal can net your assistance in the form of planning and paying for your move.

Take Care Of You And Your Family
Your family, children especially, will be profoundly impacted by a move to a new city or area as well, so keep that in mind as you go through the planning steps of the process. It can be easy to get lost in the logistical details of your move when there are other emotional, family-related issues that need care as well. Let your children know early about what they can expect in their new city. Sit your entire family down and make sure everyone is on the same page about how the process will occur and what kind of time frame it will take to get back to a sense of “normal” life.

In moving, just as in other aspects of life, a little communication and a little information can really cut through the stress that might creep into the situation. That goes for talking to your family as well as for you in terms of being thorough in your research about a new area and exhaustive in your planning efforts. Moving can be a time of upheaval in your life, but it should also be a time of excitement. Housed in these pages are a number of articles that you can use, expertly crafted by Joe and Colleen Lane, to make sure that you and your family see more of the excitement that can be found in moving instead of the stress.

Moving Made Easy
Moving into a new home can be stressful for the whole family. Preparation on your part can take this process and make it easy for you, your spouse, children, pets, neighbors, and the post office.

You bought the home of your dreams and now it is time to make the big move. For some, at this point, is where the chaos begins. They haven’t prepared for the move, put in a change of address at the post office, called the utility companies, and started to pack anything. Possibly not even so muchkennewick | richland | pasco | tri cities wa | washington moving and relocation assistance of preparation as weeding out the “junk” that we all have acquired through the years, whether it was garage sales, hand-me-downs, auctions, flea markets or happy holiday presents that haven’t seen the light of day in 10 years. This is a formula for a potentially very stressful time for all that are involved. Let’s figure out a plan of action to prepare for this in advance and save lots of time, money, and strain on our nerves...[more]

Moving and Children
Our children should be a major focus and concern when preparing to start looking for a home to buy. Whether you are moving with children across town or to the next state, children will need your help making the move easier for them.

When you first consider moving with children into a new home before the process of searching for a home and buying a home begins, think of the children. Start by talking to them and asking their thoughts and ideas on moving. Prepare a list of reasons whether on paper or in your mind that will help them to understand why you have made the choice to move. Explain to them in detail how the move will affect them. Sometimes if at first, your children don’t agree with a move, they can at the least grasp a better understanding of why and how it will benefit them. Communication is the key...[more]

Moving Day Dread
Moving day can be an arduous, time-consuming, back-breaking endeavor. Even with the exciting prospect of living in a new place, moving day can initially overshadow that excitement and turn what should be a fun, thrilling experience into an all-day war of attrition with boxes and moving supplies. The moving day certainly does not have to be like that and with a few of these time-saving tips, you may even have time to enjoy your new piece of real estate.

The process of packing is a great time to evaluate what you do and do not need in your new home. Junk has the tendency to build up over time and when moving day comes, that junk can turn into a few extra hours of packing for items that are not really necessary to be moved. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made, but the time and effort it takes to pack, move, and Moving Assistancethen unpack some items in your new home is simply not worth it...[more]

The Weight of Relocation
The excitement of a new job in a new city can be tempered by the daunting prospect of moving all of your worldly possessions. Any time you think of moving cross country for a job, the inevitable stress of relocation to or from your home will seep in and that is certainly not fair during a time of joy over a new promotion or new opportunity. There are some ways to eliminate at least some of that stress. While moving is indeed a taxing experience, it doesn’t have to be a complete downer during what should be an exciting time.

Working with your employer for some concessions is not possible in all circumstances, but during some promotions and new job positions, a company will provide varying levels of assistance that can take some of the stress out of moving. Obviously, it is to a company’s benefit to have you at full speed on your first day, and taking out some moving headaches to or from your home is a good way to accomplish that. By negotiating these moving-related benefits before taking a job, you can turn a daunting prospect into a much easier situation...[more]

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