Moving with Children

Our children should be a major focus and concern when preparing to start looking for a home to buy. Whether you are moving with children across town or to the next state, children will need your help making the move easier for them.

When you first consider moving with kids into a new home before the process of searching for a home and buying a home begins, think of the children. Start by talking to them and asking their thoughts and ideas on moving. Prepare a list of reasons whether on paper or in your mind that will help them to understand why you have made the choice to move. Explain to them in detail how the move will affect them. Sometimes if at first, your children don’t agree with a move, Children and Movingthey can at the least grasp a better understanding of why and how it will benefit them. Communication is the key.

Research the Schools
Do your research when you think about moving with children to a new town or state on all the options for schools in the area. If you have it narrowed down to a few towns you should do some research to see how the schools to rate and take time to get info from them. This may make the basis of your decision easier.

If possible base your decision around the school system that will best educate your child. Also when moving with children you should make every effort to find a school that your child will enjoy attending. If they have been attending a private school you might want to check those out first in the town that you will be moving to. If they have attended public school all of their lives, now is probably not the time to make a big change until they get a chance to settle into the area.

Talk with Your Child
Try and be sympathetic in moving with children to the fact that they are going to have strong feelings about leaving friends and family in the area behind. After the fact, they may have to face the fear of joining a new school of peers that at this point are the unknown. Not to mention their favorite teachers won’t be teaching them any longer.

Sitting and talking with your children about their feelings will not only help them to deal with a move. If handled correctly it may even help to bring you closer together as a family.

Your New Community
Once the move is made to your new home, take them around and show them the sites. Let them find ways to take part in their new community to meet people and learn about this new place. Take the time to involve yourself in their new school and be a part of your children’s educational lives. Encourage your children to take part in sports, activities, and groups to help them along in the moving with children process.

After moving with children, introduce yourself to the neighbors and let them know your family is happy to be a part of their neighborhood. Children typically follow by example and will not be so afraid to introduce themselves and become a part of their new town and new home.

Be an Example
When moving with children it all boils down to basic parental skills in communicating and teaching by example with your children. If they see you take part in your new community they will follow. Lead by example and your children will follow the same path.

Help them decorate their new room and make it feel like “their room” in the new home. Hanging their pictures on the wall, and letting them choose the color and style of paint to put on the walls and the carpet color will make them feel included and a part of this new home. It is the little things that will make your new house a home and make moving much smoother when moving with children.

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