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Real Estate FinanceNavigating Home Purchase Finance
After countless times spent searching for and hunting down the right prospect for you, you’ve found the perfect home, commercial property, investment opportunity, or lot. Now comes the part where you need to pay for that dream home, and you are faced with the myriad of financing options on the market. The Lane Real Estate Team of Colleen and Joe Lane has helped countless buyers navigate the home financing project over a combined 20 years of professional real estate experience. Some of that knowledge has been included in this site to give you a head start on making sense of what can be a confusing time.

Real Estate FinanceKnow Your Mortgage Choices
As consumers evolve in the way they want to pay for a piece of property, mortgages evolve and now, more than ever, there are several viable options that can fit any budget or situation. Joe and Colleen Lane have worked with a litany of mortgage types, all with their own strengths and weaknesses, and have passed the working knowledge on to you through this website in order to empower you in your own decision-making process.

By enlisting the Lane Real Estate Team to help with your purchase, you are getting all of the knowledge taken and tailored specifically to your piece of property and personal financial state. Whether you are looking at your first residential home purchase or your 50th commercial property transaction, that kind of knowledge can help take some of the stress and confusion out of what can be an arduous process if you let it. Take advantage of those 20 years of experience and cut through the confusion efficiently and professionally with Colleen and Joe Lane.

Real Estate FinanceMore Than Just a Mortgage
The world of real estate finance includes more than simply getting a mortgage for a home. Seller financing can be used to make a home more attractive to a potential buyer. Home improvement loans can be taken out to address the needs of your property and add value. You might even want to work on your own credit situation before pursuing a new home purchase in order to up your credit score and land a better interest rate. All of these situations can be discussed with Joe and Colleen Lane and put into perspective against the way countless buyers and sellers have prepared themselves for the financial aspect of a home purchase or sale.

Having an extra set of eyes and ears during the finance process of any real estate transaction can quickly put you in control of the situation instead of letting terms and conditions simply come dictated by a lending agency. The Lane Real Estate Team can be at your side, offering assistance and guidance, as you work to accomplish your financial real estate goals. That help can be the difference between struggling through discussions with lenders or finance officers and feeling in control of the situation. That level of control and knowledge is one of the best ways to combat the stress that can creep into any financial decision.

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Contact the Lane Real Estate Team to learn more about your financing options, ways to improve your credit, tips, and tricks to use on loans, and much more. With 20 years of combined experience, Joe and Colleen Lane have seen buyers and sellers of all sorts of land financing for a new property purchase that was tailored well to their needs. Don’t let a lack of information or guidance derail your quest for the right finance deal when a simple phone call or email is all it takes to get Joe and Colleen Lane on your side and with you every step of the way. Considering the finance of a home, building, or lot? Go no further. The Lane Real Estate Team is here to serve you. We’ve put together all the tools, news, articles, and referrals necessary to accomplish your goal.

Let us get started today. Please contact us for more information, and we will place you on our Real Estate News subscription today. In the meantime, please stay awhile and read through our informative articles about home selling, buying, and financing, and use our real estate tools to refine your real estate decision.

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