Entertaining the Idea of Owning a Golf Course Property

Golf, as a sport, has the tendency to grab people at an early age and make them fans of the game for life. As time moves on, the love for the game grows and a person’s game is constantly refined over time to get to a point where nothing sounds better than an afternoon on a golf course with the sun overhead, a drinkGolf Livings Ground Floor on the one hand and the lowest score out of your playing group.

Just as golf can grab a person’s interest at an early age and develop it over time, so too can the prospect of owning golf course property that backs up to a fairway or green. As the desire to live on a golf course grows over time and is defined as a person’s financial situation puts them in a place where they are more readily able to do so, here are some helpful tips for those looking to get started with golf course property, especially those in an area that does not have many listings for golf course properties.

A New Developer’s Dream
Golf course developments have become more popular over time because of a golf course property’s ability to maintain both interests from outside parties and value over time. This can be your greatest asset as you look to get involved in golf course property as the best deals are often those made when the development is still under construction with perhaps only a model home or set of plans to show you.

In most areas, neighborhoods that pop up around golf courses see little turnover. The prospect of living on a golf course is an attractive one and most consumers that make the plunge are those that wouldn’t even think about living somewhere else after spending so much time and money on getting to a golf course property in the first place. This can present a problem for someone that doesn’t want to participate in a bidding war on the handful of homes that come available.

Finding a new development that is going to showcase a golf course is a great alternative. There will of course be a hefty lot premium to be paid and all of the costs that come with building your own home, but those costs are often paid for through appreciation in the home’s value after the golf course is built and becomes a thriving center of the local community. Letting the neighborhood grow and refine itself over time around you will show you the benefits of having gotten in on the ground floor of the development.

While there is no guarantee that there won’t be competition even at this early stage of the game, getting your name in the ring early can go a long way toward fulfilling your dream to own a golf course property. The lot premiums always scare off a handful of consumers that may not see the large picture or simply don’t want to put down that kind of money upfront. For those serious about the prospect of living on the 7th fairway, this can be a great advantage.

Living on a golf course is not a possibility for all of us, but for those with a great desire to do so, that also want to help form the identity of a golf course and the community it supports, finding a new development that will use a golf course as its centerpiece can be a great way to get involved with golf course property. Those that do get the benefit of not only seeing the scenic view of a golf course in the backyard every day but the knowledge that their significant investment will likely appreciate over time, are truly a birdie in the game of real estate.

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