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Wines of West Richland

The wine industry of West Richland, Washington is shifting into full gear as the nearby Red Mountain is poised to become a prime location for vineyards and wineries. Over the next five years, Red Mountain is expected to triple its wineries from the existing ten to some forty major vineyards and winemakers.

West Richland Wines

Red Mountain of Tri-Cities WA: The Ideal Vineyard
Red Mountain stands tall among all the wine regions of Washington because of its unique combination of soil conditions and temperature that produce grapes that have the potential to rival the best wines of the world.

Most people say that Red Mountain is the perfect place to grow grapes, and thus, is the perfect place for winemaking as well. All the elements required to make good wine grapes can be found in Red Mountain – good air and water drainage, ideal microclimate, good soil chemistry, and unspoiled and clean surrounding; all of these make Red Mountain the best site for wine growing in all of Washington State, and it is located very close to West Richland.

Specifically, wine experts consider Red Mountain the best place to grow red grapes. The place is known to produce red wines of very deep color, and rich, intense flavor that is at par with the world’s most renowned wines.

Most of the vineyards that are growing in Red Mountain come from the famous Bordeaux region of France, like the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. These Bordeaux vineyards are used in most of the world’s most famous red wines and find Red Mountain so akin to the native land that they took to the land of Red Mountain as if it were home.

The Symbiosis Between Red Mountain and West Richland
Red Mountain can very well put the United States at the top of the list of the world’s best wine-producing countries, alongside the historically famous wine makers, France and Italy. Already, some of the country’s most famous grape growers are creating vineyards on Red Mountain. These vineyards make their own local wines, and at the same time, supply grapes to prestigious winemakers all across the country.

Already, the nearby residential area of West Richland is feeling the effects of the wine boom in Red Mountain. West Richland stands to gain from the activity in Red Mountain as tourists and business people look to West Richland to provide them with accommodations as they visit Red Mountain.

West Richland makes an ideal residential backdrop to Red Mountain. The small town, rustic atmosphere that West Richland has managed to keep, complements the majestic, sprawling vineyards of Red Mountain. As such, both places work together in a symbiotic relationship that benefits both places.

Red Mountain and West Richland of Washington State, both stand side by side as they each prepare for the changes that they are about to undergo separately as individual places, and collectively, as part of the greater area of the Columbia Basin.

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