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West Richland Climate
The weather in West Richland is mostly temperate and ranges from the mid-eighties to the mid-twenties throughout the year. The highest recorded temperature was 113 degrees in 1961, and the lowest temperature was negative 22 degrees in 1950. In general, though, the weather does not dip as low as that.

West Richland Climate

Spring in West Richland is a beautiful time, and the weather reflects this. The average precipitation for the months of March, April, and May is only 1.9 inches total, with the most rainfall in March (.71 inches), then May (.61 inches) and finally April (.57 inches). The average highs for these months climb from 57 in March to 65 in April and then to a warm 73 in May. The lows are 35 in March, 40 in April, and then a climb to 47 in May for the summer warm-up. The records for each month are a high of 82 and a low of 11 in March, a high of 92 and a low of 23 in April, and a high of 104 and a low of 30 in May.

Summer warms things up a little and dries out as well, with precipitation averaging less than one inch. Precipitation for June has been recorded at an average of .41 inches, July (the warmest month of the year in West Richland) at .25 inches, and August at .30 inches. The average highs for the months of summer climb from a toasty 80 degrees in June to 88 in July and maintain the 88-degree average through August. The lows for these months range from an average of 54 in June to 58 in July and remain steady at 58 degrees in August. The record highs and lows for the summer were 110 degrees in June down to a record low of 38 degrees, a 110-degree summer in July with a 41-degree July low, and a record-breaking 113 in August, with lows for that month reaching a record of 39 degrees.

Things cool down in the fall with a 79-degree high in September on average, followed by 65-degree highs in October and a chilly 49 degrees in November on average. The average lows for the fall season are 50 degrees on average in September, 40 in October, and a 33-degree average in November. The record highs for the season are 106 in September, 89 in October, and 77 in November. The lows on record fall from 31 degrees in September to 13 degrees in October and plunge to negative 6 degrees in November. Precipitation for September is averaged at .34 inches, with .53 in October and an average of 1.07 inches in November, making this the wettest month.

The winter climate in West Richland ranges from highs of 40 degrees in December and January to 47 in February on average, with average lows falling from 27 to 26 in December and January, and rising back to 29 in February. Records indicate that the highest temperature recorded in December was 66 degrees, with a record high of 71 in January and 73 in February. Lows range from the negative 10-degree record of December to the negative 21 degrees recorded in January, and finally the record-shattering low of negative 22 degrees in February. Precipitation drops off from 1.04 inches in December, to an average of .97 in January, and falls to a mere .75 inch average in February.

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