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Parks in West Richland

Parks are a big part of the West Richland community. As if in ode to the surrounding magnificence of the Columbia Basin and Hanford Reach, the local government of West Richland felt it their responsibility to beautify their land in the true spirit of nature that surrounds the Tri-Cities area.

West Richland Local Parks

West Richland has a high ratio of local parks to land area. The local government has made it a policy to build small-scale parks, called pocket parks, in all residential areas, as well as maintain the existing parks. West Richland’s parks have remarkably simple landscaping, almost stark in their appearance. This is a deliberate design to provide a subdued backdrop that will not compete against the grand nature parks and sanctuaries of the Columbia River ecosystem that surround West Richland and the entire Tri-cities comprised of Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland in Washington State.

If you are a visitor or a new resident of West Richland, the following are some of the parks that you can easily find.

Bombing Range Sports Complex Community Park
One of the major parks in West Richland, this community park is big enough to accommodate most types of sporting events that require wide open spaces such as football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, etc.

A significant portion of the Bombing Range Sports Complex Community Park in West Richland remains undeveloped, and recently, the local government has come up with a blueprint for its development. Among the projects earmarked for the site are a skating area, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a tennis court, a rose garden, water parks, and jogging and biking lanes. The project is going on and is expected to be completed within the next two years as funding grants are being pursued.

Flat Top Community Park
Flat Top Park is to West Richland as Central Park is to New York. It contains a pavilion that serves as a venue for a variety of events, from sports, to trade shows and other community events. Flat Top Park is also the traditional host of the Harvest Festival, West Richland’s major event held every year during the month of September. Plans are underway to improve and renovate this beloved park.

Parks at the Lakes Community Park
This West Richland park is proof of the resourcefulness of the people of West Richland. This park was once the site of three irrigation lakes created to provide irrigation to the region’s agricultural lands. The man-made lakes were soon drained and for a long time were ignored. The drained lakes would have been an eyesore if not for the campaign to use the lakes as a centerpiece for a community park. Since then, the first lake has been refilled with water, with the rest to follow suit, and the surrounding area lined with grass to provide an ideal recreational area.

There are more parks in West Richland, and you are bound to find one nearby that suits your rest and relaxation needs.

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