Tri-Cities Sports and Fitness

The Tri-Cities area consists of three neighboring cities and is in southeastern Washington state. The cities that make up the Tri-Cities are Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland. West Richland is the fourth neighboring city that is considered included as being part of the Tri-Cities area. The city of Pasco is in Franklin County, and the other two, Kennewick and Richland, are in Benton County.

tri city wa sports | youth activitiesSports and Fitness Clubs
The Tri-Cities region is home to many sporting clubs, facilities, and gyms. The Tri-Cities Court Club, Gold's Gym, Columbia Basin Racquet Club, and LifeQuest are among the largest clubs.  The various health and fitness centers offer many classes often taught by past and present professional athletes.  Most clubs offer tournaments and social events centered around health, fitness, and sports activities.  Most facilities offer personal training and physical therapy, as well.

Professional Sports
As well as the tennis facilities available in Kennewick, you can also find the Tri-Cities Americans, which is a hockey league franchise, as well as the Tri-City Fever, an Arena Football team. Also found in the Tri-Cities is the Tri-Cities Coliseum, which hosts sporting events in the area, amongst other things. If you are interested in hunting, fishing, or indoor shooting, then Kennewick is also home to the Hole in the Wall – a supplier of sporting goods that has its own indoor shooting range on the premises.


For cycle enthusiasts, there are plenty of facilities and gear shops to choose from in the Tri-Cities area! The Chinook Cycling Club can be found in Kennewick. As a member of this club, you will be able to gain easy access to various races and cycling events, as well as have others around to motivate you in your training and make it more interesting. Other cycling clubs with the same benefits are the Tri-Cities Bike Club in Richland and the Finley Flyers Cycling Club in Kennewick. For all your cycling gear, the area bike shop, Richland Schwinn, is situated in the uptown plaza of Richland.

Golf is another popular sport in the Tri-Cities region. The area is home to more than eight golf courses. In Richland, you can find CyberGolf, which gives you access to area courses, driving ranges, pro shops, and even information on the local weather! The Sun Willows golf course in Pasco, for example, has 6,715 yards of golf and the course has a course rating of 72, with a slope rating of 117.

Water Sports
Water sports are also extremely prevalent in the Tri-Cities region, and you won’t run short of places to go for training in water sports, participation in group events, hiring equipment, or buying your own equipment. The Metz Marina has been operating in the area of Kennewick for over 42 years and stocks major boat lines as well as spare parts and other equipment. Then there is the Columbia Basin Sailing Club; for those of you who would like to sail in the Columbia Basin, it is crucial to check the club out. There is also a Kayak and Canoe Club, a Desert Ski Club, Undersea Adventure tours, and more. The Tri-Cities region also hosts hockey facilities, soccer facilities, and a softball club. There is even a club that will take you on organized hunts for geese, pheasants, ducks, and more!

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