For Sale By Owner Promo
$2,000.00 Flat Fee
We insist on doing the tours & photos as our name is on the listing! 
The payment is a flat fee paid upfront and non-refundable.

Tri Cities Wa For Sale By Owner PromotionIncluded:
One site sign.
Lockbox (we are emailed within 15 min of someone opening the lockbox).
Listing on MLS (within 2 days).
Featured on 
Craigslist,, Zillow, Trulia (within 4 days).
Email feedback when there are showings.
We do video tours, photography, and drone photos as mentioned here.
Negotiating your offer when they come in.  
Not Included: 
Staging (we can recommend a home stager). 
Description of your property (although we may edit what you provide us).
Open houses and print advertising (see above video).
Directional signs.
Feedback when there are no showings to report on (we do offer feedback when we receive feedback).
Fliers & Flier Box.
Opening up the house for contractors, inspection, etc.

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