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Steelhead fishing is a popular sport in the Richland Washington area. Steelhead salmon is one of the most valued fish in the Columbia River system. The fish, Oncorhynchus Mykiss, is classified as part of the Pacific Salmon family. Born in the river, the smolts travel to the Pacific Ocean to feed and grow for 2-4 years. A long stay in the ocean ensures their steady growth into large healthy fish. Steelhead fishing during the return migration can yield catches over 20 pacific salmon | steelhead troutpounds, however, a world-class record is only considered for catches over 30 pounds.

The season for Steelhead Fishing
Summer steelhead fishing occurs when one type of steelhead returns from the sea from April to October. Winter steelhead fishing arrives with the November to April migrations. The fish can be caught in the river system in which they were spawned, although they can be hooked in saltwater. Once they return upriver to spawn, the steelhead does not die like other salmon. It is the Winter Steel headers that draw the most admiration amongst the angler's community. They will cast repeatedly for hours in freezing water awaiting that one tug from the chrome-bright fish.

Techniques When Steelhead Fishing
A host of first-class fishery operations work out of the Richland Washington area. Steelhead fishing is considered a feisty experience when using a fly rod. With line-peeling runs and out-of-water acrobatics, the magnificent steelhead provides a challenging and rewarding freshwater fishing experience. The steelhead requires fly fishing techniques developed for the Atlantic salmon. The flies are swung downstream using a floating or sinking line. The take may be aggressive and tends to occur near the end of the swing. Nymphing methods, such as those used by trout anglers, may also be used when steelhead fishing. When steelhead fishing, timing means everything. This means paying attention to the seasonal movements of this particular fish. Making use of a local guide can increase your chances of landing one of these elusive "silver bullets".

Weather Conditions That Favor Steelhead Fishing
Local weather patterns will also be a core factor in enjoying your fishing experience. Especially in winter, storms can make the waters turbulent and unsafe in a short period of time. Patience is the key to all great fishing ventures.

Keep the Right Attitude
Persevering with a positive attitude, efficiently covering the water, and maintaining one's stamina in the face of disappointment is essential to catching steelhead. Unlike other species of fish, the steelhead is rarely caught in large numbers – and that is where the challenge lies for steel headers. Bait favored by steel headers comes in three main types; night crawlers, sand shrimp, and cocktail shrimp. Similar to other fishing endeavors, etiquette must be made a priority. A steelhead river, especially the Columbia River, may have numerous anglers in the same pools. New anglers are advised to position themselves upriver, as eventually, they will make a gradual move along the pool, covering it entirely. This winter bring your fishing spirit to the great city of Richland for a tremendous and unforgettable steelhead fishing experience.

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