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Kennewick SoftballSoftball is a popular community sport that attracts both men and women, as well as children, and there are several softball leagues available to owners of Kennewick homes. Softball is somewhat similar to baseball, but there are some key distinctions. Community softball leagues, such as those found in Kennewick Wa, can help foster a sense of community, as well as providing Kennewick homeowners a chance to get some exercise while having fun.

A Great Chance to Get to Know Other Kennewick Residents
There are three types of softball: slow pitch, fast pitch and modified pitch. Fast pitch is considered to be pitcher-friendly, while slow pitch tends to lend an advantage to the batter. Modified pitch doesn’t place any limitations on ball speed, but does set forth certain requirements.

Kennewick Washington, It’s Community
There are several Slow Pitch Softball leagues available to Kennewick real estate buyers. These include women’s, men’s, children’s and co-ed softball leagues. Slow pitch is designed to make it easier to hit the ball, making it popular among younger or less experienced players. The ball is smaller and denser than fast-pitch balls, allowing for harder, longer hits. For this reason, slow pitch fields are usually much larger than fast softball pitch diamonds, with the standard home plate to center field distance being 300 feet.#idx-price-bar#

Fast softball pitch gives an edge to the pitcher, who's pitch speeds often reach 70mph or more. Pitching style in fast softball pitch games in quite close to those found in baseball, with the major difference being that softball pitches are thrown underhand, as opposed to the overhand throw in baseball. The ball is also larger and less dense, making it harder to hit the ball. To compensate, fast pitch diamonds are generally smaller than in slow pitch, with the standard distance between center field and home plate being 200 feet.

Kennewick SoftballPlay Softball!
Softball games are played in a similar fashion to baseball. Seven innings are played, with each inning consisting of an at-bat by each team. Teams bat until three batters are out. Batters can be put out in a few ways: by striking out (three strikes called by the umpire), a fly out (having the ball caught in the air before it touches the ground), being tagged out (being touched by a player on the opposing team while away from the base, or in a force play (having only once option of base to run to, and a defensive member with the ball arrives there first). There are also certain special situations that may lead to an out in Kennewick softball.

Kennewick Softball, Fun & Active
Softball can be a fun, active sport, making it a great choice for community athletics. Because it is so heavily reliant on good team dynamics, it helps bring neighbors closer together, and can help build new, lasting relationships. Especially in younger players, team athletics such as softball can help build self-confidence, and develop social skills and important concepts such as good sportsmanship These are just a few of the reasons that many communities, including Kennewick Wa, encourage and support team athletics such as softball. If you are purchasing a home in the area, ask your Realtor about the available leagues, as well as other sports in the area.

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