River's Edge High School

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Home of the Firebirds
Richland River's Edge High School, located in the county of Benton in Richland City, is run by the Richland School District education agency. Categorized as a High School, it offers Ninth Grade to Twelfth Grade. The student population of mixed races of Caucasians, Hispanics, Indians, African Americans, and Asians, numbers approximately 230 students. It is one of only three high schools in the district. The new building opened in 2001, with rooms conducive to learning. Richland River's Edge High School has a small campus, but it does not hinder its mission to develop self-confidence, responsibility to himself, his family, and his community, and to develop a lifestyle that is active and healthy. The basic academic skills are built on a solid foundation.

Contract Learning
Contract Learning is offered at Richland River's Edge High School. It is a program wherein classes are textbook-based, written in a way that the student can do the work even outside the school campus. It allows the students some ownership of what they want to study and their progress. Integrated into the course are computer components to make the students understand technology. Working with Individual Needs or WIN students given a chance to experience success. It gives a place for those who are not able to attend school full-time. Richland River's Edge High School helps every student gain the feeling of self-worth, and the desire for life-long learning by exploring ideas, cultures, and technology to be able to be competitive globally. The students are molded not only in academics but in their physical, social, and emotional areas as well.

Trebuchet Award
In 2004, the Richland River's Edge High School’s Trebuchet Team designed and built a trebuchet and won first prize at the state’s Trebuchet Competition. Several years ago, in a civics essay contest, Richland River's Edge High School was in second place, meaning that thirteen students joined the competition along with other schools in the state.

Photo credit: NMC Virtual World

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