Realtor Benefits

Realtor BenefitsBuying or selling a home is a complicated and emotional event. Because of this, buyers or sellers ask an expert to assist them throughout this entire process. Choosing a real estate agent to represent you during this time is the most important decision you will make. But what is the role of a real estate agent? What benefits do buyers and sellers get from them?

  • Guides clients throughout the sale.
  • Views a home before he agrees to list it to know the overall condition of the property, and if maintenance is deemed necessary, suggest improvements to increase its value and marketability.
  • Performs a market analysis to determine an approximate value.
  • Promotes home and lists a property in the multiple listing service.
  • Informs his clients about market conditions, prices, and other matters. He compares the property to be sold with others that have been sold recently to establish a fair asking price.
  • Connects buyers with local lenders that are able to help in acquiring financing at the best rates and terms.
  • Works with homeowners, buyers, lending companies, and inspectors to ensure that the sale goes well.
  • Interview potential buyers to find out what type of property they are looking for, the location they prefer, and their price range. Agents then search for lists of properties the buyers may like based on what they have discussed. In case the prospective buyers ask questions, the agent must be very familiar with the property he is selling.
  • Refers clients to sources for insurance, inspections, legal counsel, and financing.
  • Weeds out buyers who will not qualify for a mortgage.
  • Sets appointments and escorts potential buyers to view homes and answers their questions about the property.
  • Handles the sale when a property has already been chosen. Assisting the buyers in filling out the necessary papers to make a formal offer.
  • Presents purchase offers to the seller or seller’s agent for consideration.
  • Sets meetings between buyers and sellers when some details need to be negotiated upon.
  • Prepares paperwork such as purchase agreements to ensure that the sale closes without any problem.
  • Sees that all special terms specified in the contract are fulfilled before the closing date.

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