Selling Real Estate Property with Excellent Customer Service – Part I

Service Minded, Part 1Whatever your business is, customer service can make or break your business quickly. From a real estate agent to the kid that delivers your newspaper, customer service should be your top priority. If your customer service skills are lacking, you will lose out on referrals as well as repeat business.

Customer service is the key to any business, bad word-of-mouth advertising travels ten times faster than good word-of-mouth. Here is a perfect example. If you go to get your hair cut and it turns out terrible for the first ten people that will listen to the story, you will be sure to tell them where not to get their hair cut. However, if you liked your haircut, you would not go around boasting about it. To the first few people that notice and compliment you on a nice haircut, you will be happy to refer them to the nice girl at the mall that cut and styled your hair.

The same goes for where you ate lunch. If you liked the food but not the customer service, you will be sure to tell people where not to go before you tell them a nice place to go. It is just human nature that makes a lot of people tend to be this way.

So start off on the right foot and make a good customer service impression as a real estate agent for your customers.

The most important thing that you can do first and foremost is smile. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Have you ever heard, “It’s all in the delivery?” It is so very true. Take the time as a real estate agent to smile and use eye contact when speaking to your customer. Acknowledging your customers with courtesy, eye contact and smiles makes them feel important and open to you. They will feel the need to be less guarded. Customers will be more likely to share what their needs are and truly what might be holding them back from using your services today.

Service Minded, Part 1Customer service is about integrity and a positive professional attitude towards your customer. Listen to what it is they need and if you can help them, then do it. If you can’t assist them refer them to someone who can help. The customer will almost certainly refer you to someone they know or be back for another service or product that you do offer. By doing that for them, you just told them that you cared about them and their needs. The customer now trusts you and will know that you will be honest in what you can and cannot do for them. This is how long-term customer relationships are built.

Be Familiar with Buyer/Seller Needs
If you are a real estate agent that has a customer that you helped to buy a home, you can get quality leads for your satisfied customer/client. You took the time to sit and earn their trust, they have told you their needs now it is time to go to work for them. Be committed to each individual client. Whether the client is a buyer or a seller, be accessible to them in a timely fashion.

One thing you won’t want to do is to neglect one customer for another. Each individual customer or client should have your full attention. Make the best of the time that is given to you by each client. They will appreciate you for it and repay you with great word of mouth to your future clients as well as repeat business.

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