Recreation in Prosser

If you are imagining a visit to Prosser, or even a permanent stay, then imagine trees everywhere, planted by the locals over the two centuries since the area was settled. Imagine vineyards that produce some of the best wine in Washington and a temperate climate that invites you to sit on the back porch and relax for a while. The temperature dips below freezing at night in the winter, so be prepared to spend January evenings snuggling up in your favorite blanket in front of the fire.

Prosser RecreationTouring Prosser Wines
If this sounds good, then head on over and discover some of the wonderful things that we have to offer here in Prosser. For some fun and adventure, for example, pay a visit to Alexandria Nicole Cellars vineyards. This 220-acre vineyard estate produces small lots of hand-crafted wine from Destiny Ridge Estate Vineyards, overlooking the Columbia River.

Another top wine tour is the Yakima Valley Wine Tour, which includes Alexandria Nicole Cellars as well as multiple other vineyards in the area. Take a look at several of these beautiful vineyards and sample some of the wines they produce from the safety of a guided tour. Visit Chinook Wines, Cowan Vineyards, CR Sandidge Wines, Hinzerling, Hogue Cellars, Kestrel Vinters, Manchego Real, Pontin Del Roza, Snoqualmie Winery, The Wine Loft, Thurston Wolfe, Vineheart Winery, Willow Crest Winery, and/or Yakima River Winery on your guided tour.

If history is more up your alley, check out the Benton County Historical Museum, with exhibits featuring antique clothing, firearms, Pomo Indian baskets, a Christmas toy exhibit, and more. This valley was settled about two hundred years ago by a Union Colonel by the name of Prosser. The town of Prosser Falls was incorporated as Prosser, and eventually named the County Seat of Benton County. Get to know Colonel Prosser and more by taking a tour of the County’s history.

Prosser RecreationParks and Outdoor Activities
For a nice place to take a picnic lunch, check out Prosser Rotary Pathway Park. This park is located at the corner of Wine Country Road and Nunn Road and contains a gazebo, flowers, picnic tables, and concrete walkways. It is the beginning of the paved Centennial Pathway that leads to Grandview city and on to Sunnyside City, Washington.

All of this, in addition to the outdoor attractions like fishing and hunting, make Prosser a beautiful place to visit or to live, and the warm locals welcome newcomers with open arms.

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