Port of Pasco

Port of PascoThe Port of Pasco was founded in 1940. The voters of Franklin County helped to establish the Port of Pasco. The governing body, which is called the Port Commission, is re-elected every six years. The Port was originally founded to utilize the Columbia River as a means of transportation for grain barge shipments.

History of Port of Pasco
In 1959, the Port of Pasco purchased a World War II Army Depot. Today it is known as Big Pasco Industrial Center. The Army depot has miles of railroad tracks and over 600 acres of land. Also included are another 1.7 million square feet of buildings, which have been leased to improve the local economy. The renters employ about 450 workers. The Port of Pasco installed the first container crane facility. Most of the containers are used in exporting local products. The barge terminal averages 2700 containers every year.

Port of Pasco & World War II’s Influence
In 1963, the Port of Pasco took over the former World War II U.S. Naval Station and renamed it the Tri-Cities Airport. Since then, the Port of Pasco has made numerous changes to safety clearance areas and runways. The Port of Pasco also added a new terminal building. About 700 people are currently employed by the airport. The Tri-Cities Airport is the third-busiest commercial airport in Washington. The terminal can easily handle more passengers, with the anticipated growth of the region in airline travel. Some of the airlines that are available at the Tri-Cities Airport include Horizon, United, Delta, Delta Connection, and Allegiant Air. United began providing service to Denver in 2002. Jim Morasch is currently the director of the Tri-Cities Airport, which is a Port of Pasco facility. The total assets of the Big Pasco Industrial Center, The Tri-Cities Airport, the Container Barge Terminal, and the Pasco Processing Center is an excess of $130 million dollars.

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