Parks in Tri Cities Washington

Three neighboring cities make up the Tri-Cities area, located in Washington State in the US. The cities that comprise the tri are Pasco, Kennewick and Richland. West Richland, a fourth neighboring city, is often included as being a part of the Tri-Cities. Kennewick and Richland are located in Benton County, while Pasco is located in Franklin County. The Tri-Cities region plays host to many parks that both visitors and locals are able to enjoy all year round.

Lake Wallula, Kennewick Washington
Along the shore of the Lake Wallula in Kennewick, you can find the Columbia Park. This park is around 609 acres in size, and has both fishing and water-skiing facilities. Other entertainments that can be enjoyed at the Columbia Park are golf, tennis, camping, nature walks, picnics and cycling.

Two Rivers Park, Kennewick Washington
Another absolutely beautiful park in Kennewick is the Two Rivers Park. You will find lovely picnic spots to spend the afternoon at, plus ramp boating, fishing and swimming. The park is open 365 days a year! Some other parks definitely worth paying a visit to in Kennewick include the Lawrence Scott Park, the Fruitland Park, the Keewadin Park, the Layton Park, the John Day Park, the Hatfield Park and the Sanders Field Park.

Parks in Tri City, WAHoward Amon Park, Richland Washington
Howard Amon Park in Richland is one of the parks that can be found along the borders of the Columbia River. The park is about 46 acres in size and stretches between Gowen Drive and the Hampton Inn. The park is a serene one, and home to plenty of various trees. The many trees in the park are in turn home to a number of bird species. If you enjoy walking, then there are plenty of easy trails leading in both directions along the river shore. Besides being a good picnic and recreation spot, the park is often used for community functions, due to the easily available parking.

Leslie Groves Park, Richland Washington
Leslie Groves Park, also in Richland, is another of the parks bordering the banks of the Columbia River. A fair bit larger than the Howard Amon Park, the Leslie Groves Park spreads over 150 acres of land. This park and the Howard Amon Park are connected via various nature trails. If you are a bird-watcher, then you will find plenty of birds living in the Leslie Groves Park. Most of the birds can be found within the thick shoreline vegetation.#idx-price-bar#

Volunteer Park, Pasco Washington
In the downtown area of Pasco you will find the Volunteer Park. This park is about 7 acres in size, and is a beautiful and shady place where visitors and locals can enjoy a nice picnic lunch or stroll. The Volunteer Park also has playground equipment, to keep your young ones busy while you relax! In addition to this, the park sports a meditation garden, lovely shaded walkway, sitting and picnic areas.

Chiawana Park, Pasco Washington
Another park in Pasco is the Chiawana Park. This park is also situated along the banks of the Columbia River, and has boating facilities for visitors’ use. Other facilities available at this park are both walking and bicycle paths, picnic areas and drinking fountains. On either end of the park are wooded regions, with an open space in between the two wooded areas. This is another good spot for bird-watchers to hang out; no matter what the season, you will find birds plentiful in the vicinity!

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