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Local Real Estate AgentsWe have all heard that marketing a home is determined by the location of that property. The neighborhood, the local stores, and the condition of the street, all play a part in determining the value of a home and how fast it can be sold on the market. That is all certainly true and while the location is of the utmost importance, so too is finding a real estate agent that can serve that location in the best way possible.

The world is full of real estate agents that claim to serve a particular area based on special knowledge of that area, but how well do all these real estate agents know the area they claim to? 

A "Real" Real Estate Agent
No matter whether you live in a large or small city, chances are there is a real estate agent in your area that is intimately aware of the area your property is located in. That familiarity should encompass not only the general area and how to navigate it, but the real estate trends seen in the area, the number of homes on the market, the general selling price and time of those properties, and other bits of knowledge that will help him or her better market your property.

From a buying perspective, an agent that is up on the area you are looking at moving to will better serve your needs as you sift through the vast array of homes available in an area. Someone that has been in the area for a long time will be able to tell you where the nice parts of town are, where real estate prices are a bargain, where overpriced homes reign, and where your desires might best be bet by your dream home.

Real Estate Agent Specialization
Local Real Estate AgentsLuckily, specializing in a particular area is extremely common in the real estate industry and you should have no trouble finding an agent that knows the area you are either hoping to buy into or hoping to sell out of. They do so to capitalize on consumers just like you that hope for a real estate agent that understands the unique atmosphere surrounding a home or potential home, delivering a better overall transaction for a home better suited for the customer. The Internet has also become another great resource for finding Realtors specific to a particular area.

As you go through the process of narrowing the field of potential real estate agents to serve your buying or selling needs, make the location they serve a top priority. While finding a real estate agent that is local to your potential area is no guarantee of a successful transaction, it does at least give you a way to narrow down the field a bit and protect yourself against an out-of-touch real estate agent with hundreds of thousands of dollars of your money on the line.

Don’t be afraid to narrow your search even further. Especially if you are looking at or hope to sell in a large neighborhood, there may be an agent in your area that focuses specifically on that neighborhood. Focusing on a city is good, but if you can get a real estate agent with a focus even more tailored to your area, you will reap the benefits of having someone not only well aware of your area but well aware of the various homes and the history of those homes in your area.

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