Kennewick's River Recreation

Who knew that a confluence of three mighty rivers could produce such a spectacular aquatic paradise for water activity and sports lovers, as well as those looking for stunning natural attractions?

Where the Yakima and Snake Rivers meet the Columbia Rivers are found in the Tri-Cities of southern Washington, home to a wide assortment of river-based recreational activities and attractions that continually beckon locals, guests, and visitors alike to these dynamic communities.

The Rivers
These three rivers that make up so much of the Tri-Cities’ appeal in things to do and see as well as in connection to the real estate market are the powerful Columbia River, stretching a total of 1,232 kilometers up from its headwaters in the Canadian Rockies (southern B.C.) into the U.S.’s Pacific Northwest regionRiver Recreation and flowing into the Pacific Ocean; the Snake River, Columbia’s largest and longest tributary; and the Yakima River, another well-known tributary of Columbia.

River Recreation
These rivers are far more than just rivers, and offer Tri-Cities residents and tourists the opportunity to partake in their natural wonder in a variety of different ways. All three Tri-Cities rivers are noted for the recreational and sporting opportunities they provide for residents, guests, and tourists in Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco. Columbia River, in particular, is known for its recreational activities with its beautiful surroundings, large, ample space, and easily accessible waters.

Power boating and pleasure boating are a few of the Tri-Cities’ favorite pastimes enjoyed on all three rivers. This activity is most found on the Columbia, with free boat launch sites available in all three cities.

Fishing is another great option that you can try in the Columbia, Snake, and Yakima, enjoyed by many locals and visitors, and the rivers provide an opportune environment for fishing.

Don’t forget about swimming in the rivers, which can either be a relaxing or invigorating experience. Other great river activities include sailing, waterskiing, kayaking, windsurfing, and waterfowl hunting, among others.

Columbia River is also home to the annual hydroplane racing that occurs during the Water Follies event, a major tourist attraction and community experience drawing in large crowds.

River Attractions
In addition to the rivers’ available water sports and recreational activities, you can also find plenty of natural attractions connected to all three of the rivers.
Near the Tri-Cities’ three rivers, you can also find plenty of natural and constructed attractions. For example, take a stroll or fast-paced hike along the 22-mile educational and recreational Sacajawea Heritage Trail which stretches along the shoreline of the Columbia River, allowing you to soak in the river’s grace and beauty and take you across bridges over the river and through several different Tri-Cities parks and neighborhoods.

One such park is the famous Columbia Park, right on the shores of the river of the same name, which holds the annual Water Follies, and you can fish in its ponds, feed the ducks, and enjoy picnics.

The delta and wetlands of the Yakima River are another major attraction, as is the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve, which offers magnificent views of the Yakima River as well as the Columbia.

For unparalleled sightseeing as well as salmon fishing, visit the Hanford Reach, north of Richland, which is the last free-flowing stretch of the Columbia in the U.S.

Whether you’re looking for exciting water sports, leisurely recreational activities, or natural attractions—or all three—the rivers of the Tri-Cities will give you what you’re looking for.

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