Columbia Park

Columbia Park lies between Kennewick and Richland of the Tri-Cities region of Washington State, but closer to Kennewick, and thus, is more associated with the city.

Columbia Park History

Size and Location
Covering an area of some six hundred acres, Columbia Park runs some five miles on the banks of the Columbia River and is part of the diverse land feature of this great river system. Given its location, Columbia Park near Kennewick features many marine activities such as skiing, fishing, rowing, and boat racing. Columbia Park has been the traditional place for holding biplane or hydroplane racing. This race has been held in Columbia Park for some forty years now.

Columbia Park is not a nature reserve, but it does not mean that you have no opportunities to commune with nature. Columbia Park is the site where the “Kennewick Man” was unearthed in 1996, a discovery which shed light on the early man in North America. The Kennewick Man is almost ten thousand years old and is one of the most significant archeological discoveries of its kind in all of Washington State.

Columbia Park is also the take-off place for Bateman Island, the famous island of the Columbia River where the Lewis and Clark expedition stopped and went no further. It’s as if, seeing this island, they felt that have seen all that needs to be seen in the Columbia River and that they can now go explore some other place or go home.

A park is also an ideal place for weekend picnics. Columbia Park is pretty low maintenance and does not require any grand preparations for you to enjoy the place. There, you can bike, hike, swim, fish, walk, trek, or eat and sleep. In Columbia Park, you can do everything and do nothing. It depends on what you want to do when you go there. The place is no less beautiful regardless of the activities you wish to pursue.

Compared to the other national parks and wildlife sanctuaries all around the Tri-city area of Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland, Columbia Park is smaller in magnitude and more humble. But in its simplicity lies its true beauty. The Columbia Park of Pasco Tri city offers a quick getaway from the city, always available and accessible to those who seek a momentary escape to renew the spirit and revive the heart.

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