Eco-Tourism in Pasco, Washington

Eco Tourism provides tourists with an easy opportunity to visit natural areas and observe the plants and wildlife without disturbing the natural habitat of either plants or animals. There are many opportunities in the Tri-Cities for out-of-town visitors to share the environment with the locals. In spite of the many tourists visiting the area, the environment remains protected. Visitors must be sure to For more washington tourism information in general, and tri-cities eco tourism specifically, visit washington state's official department of tourism site.have respect for the natural habitat in which they are “guests”.

Sacajawea State Park
Sacajawea State Park in Pasco Washington is one of the most beautiful and historic places that visitors can spend time in. There are plans to build a small outdoor amphitheater in the Sacajawea State Park. The theatre will be used mostly for re-enactments of the area's history. The site library and exhibits that are already in existence will be upgraded and vastly improved upon.

A well-stocked shop will also be available on the premises once the building is complete. Already, over $1.4 million has been promised by the State of Washington for the renovation and upgrading of the already-existing structure. The structure is over sixty years old and the restructuring plans are sure to make visits for out-of-towners and locals alike a much more pleasant experience. It will also add to the community outreach program and improve education.

Wanapum Village
A bona fide Wanapum village has been constructed along the banks of the Columbia River, compliments of the Wanapum Village Project. This village is situated in the Sacajawea State Park and is open to visitors. The village was built with the idea of preserving the Wanapum's history and culture. It also serves to educate the Wanapum people’s youth and visitors to the village.

The Sacajawea Heritage Trail Project is assisting in the development of river shores and trails in and around Pasco. The project focuses specifically on the twenty-two-mile trail along the shores of the Columbia River of the Tri-Cities. The main idea of this project is to provide quality educational and recreational facilities along the mentioned trail.

Lewis and Clark Expedition
The eco-tourism purpose of this trail and its facilities is to allow visitors to enjoy the natural environment in the Tri-City Washington area and gain an appreciation of the region's history. The trail has been dedicated to the one woman who was part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition; a Shoshone guide by the name of Sacajawea. Thomas Jefferson asked Lewis to head this expedition. Lewis in turn asked Clark to join him as an equal in command.

The purpose behind the Lewis & Clark expedition was largely to investigate and gather information on the various indigenous inhabitants of the Far West region. Other important purposes were to strengthen the American claim to the Oregon region and to search out a route via land to the Pacific Ocean. Although the expedition was not the first of its kind, it resulted in considerable new territories being opened to the United States of America. The influence that this trip had on American history is immeasurable.

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