A Harvest of Festivals

Looking at Prosser Washington you would not believe that this green city of lush trees had only one tree when it was first settled in during the nineteen hundreds. The first people who arrived to settle in Prosser saw the beauty and potential of the land and started planting trees to give justice to the place.

Prosser was named after its founder, William Farrand Prosser who originally came from Pennsylvania. He came to Prosser in 1882, in theHarvest of Festivals hopes of building his life anew alongside a country recovering from the wounds of the Civil War.

It has been a hundred and twenty years since then, and what was originally a place where the soldiers of war could go to nurse their emotional and physical wounds and start a new life, is now a flourishing city in the greater Benton county of Washington.

The city of Prosser is a vibrant and bustling place. But while Prosser is more widely known for the Great Prosser Balloon Rally, the place has so much more to offer, with activities and events taking place all year round.

Street Painting Festival
Prosser encourages the creative spirit. As proof, a Prosser street painting festival is being held annually to provide a venue for Prosser residents and visitors to showcase their creative talents. For two days the streets of downtown Prosser will serve as a canvas for aspiring painters and artists. During the festival, the streets of Prosser will be filled with music and magic as anyone with a pastel can create street art for everyone to see. The Prosser Street Painting Festival is held on the same weekend as the Great Prosser Balloon Rally.

Wine and Food Fair
Prosser Washington is in the heart of wine country, in the Yakima Valley of Washington state. To celebrate the harvest and showcase wine products, Prosser holds a wine and food festival in August.

The Prosser Wine and Food Fair is one of the major events of the city and during this festival, different wine companies and food Harvest of Festivalsvendors hold booths where they offer free samplings of their products. This event is a great way for wineries in the Yakima Valley to promote their wines and other spirits as well as introduce new products to the market. It is a good way for the wine and food industry to generate more business in the area.

Prosser's Wine and Food Fair is usually held at the Art Fiker Stadium.

State Day Celebration
Another major city event is Prosser’s State Day Celebration. This event is held alongside the observance of Labor Day. To commence the day’s festivities, a parade is held in the morning. During this day, a free carnival is held in the park and a pageant is staged where Miss Prosser is proclaimed and crowned.

All year round, the city of Prosser holds events in celebration and thanksgiving of a land that has been faithful to the people. The abundance of festivals in Prosser is the abundance of the people’s and the land’s spirits as well.

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