Going on Full Real Estate Blitz Marketing Mode

Full Blitz Marketing ChecklistIn real estate, there are times when an aggressive strategy is called for and times when a more passive strategy is the appropriate tactic. For home sales, there are properties put up for sale in brisk-moving market areas where an aggressive campaign is unnecessary and detrimental to selling a home.

Naturally, there are homes put up for sale every day in markets that are less than stellar. The slow-moving nature of some real estate markets calls for an aggressive marketing campaign if selling the home on time at full price is important to a home seller. Most sellers would tell you that a quick sale would be more than welcome, so pegging a time for an aggressive marketing campaign should not be difficult. 

Lay The Foundation
While some components of the real estate marketing world may seem old and outdated, the fact of the matter is that some of the most basic and popular tactics used to market a home are basic and popular for a reason. Full Blitz Marketing ChecklistTaking steps like placing attractive yard signs, taking out an ad in the newspaper, and promoting a home through open house events are basic marketing steps used by the majority of Realtors because they generate needed activity and catch the eye of a potential buyer.

Those looking for a basic, traditional campaign that does not need to be aggressive to succeed can probably stop here. The very act of putting the home up for sale can often generate the necessary interest in a brisk-moving market. Every realtor with a buyer to serve will check the MLS database, a database every home for sale gets added to if the real estate agent is worth his commission, and that search can generally service a buyer’s needs. However, not every market is brisk-moving.

Beyond The Basics
There are many ways to generate interest that fall beyond the realm of traditional marketing methods. The Internet is perhaps the biggest new tool in an agent’s toolbox and sadly, there are still large portions of the real estate industry that do not utilize the Internet’s ability to reach customers at all hours of the day at all reaches of the globe to publicize a home.

Giving a home a web presence can generate additional interest, show the real estate agent to be up on real estate trends, and provide a forum to convey a large amount of information about a property. A newspaper ad is generally Full Blitz Marketing Checklistlimited to a few sentences with maybe one picture. A magazine ad may be bigger but still does not satisfy the information needs of most consumers. Only the Internet provides almost limitless space for pictures, information, specifications, and other tidbits that can pique a buyer’s interest in a property.

More Proactive Steps
Real estate agents have at their fingertips several ways to be proactive and generate interest above and beyond what a newspaper ad can accomplish. A talking home system projects a radio broadcast detailing a variety of a property’s features to people stopped outside of the home. This can be an interesting way to not only garner attention but deliver a large amount of information.

Showing companies present another option for generating interest in a property. These third-party vendors specialize in making it easy for buyer’s agents to set up showings with a particular property and actively seek out additional showing appointments. These companies can generate large amounts of interest in the best way possible, getting potential buyers to take a first-hand look at a property.

No matter what technique is used, there is a time to use everything in the toolbox and a time when everything may not be necessary. During slow-moving times in your local market, it is a good idea to use every trick in the book to generate interest for a property. The only way to garner a sale is to garner potential buyers, so do all you can to make that happen.

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