Franklin County Washington

In what is becoming an almost annual occurrence in the area, Franklin County and Pasco have proven to be the fastest growing portions of Washington state with Franklin County registering 5.7 percent growth over the past year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That growth comes as no shock to residents that have seen Pasco in particular grow from its agricultural roots to a diversified economy brimming with jobs. In fact, the area sports an extremely high percentage of young people, attracted by what has become a steady Tri-Cities economy.

City officials said that over 5,000 new homes have been built in Pasco in the past five years as the area braces itself for even more growth over the coming years. Though the housing market has slowed nationwide, Pasco still reports strong numbers and has remained a strong magnet for new residents in southeastern Washington. With affordable housing abundant in Pasco and jobs at a healthy franklin county wa real estate | franklin county homes for salelevel, it is no wonder that this mix of economic stability and the area’s inherent beauty have combined to make Pasco and Franklin County go-to destinations for many prospective residents.

Evolution From Hanford
The Tri-Cities region has seen much of its economic fortune determined by the Hanford Site, an installation of the United States government that originally processed nuclear material for use in weapons systems. As the Hanford Site has evolved into a cleanup facility instead of a processing facility, so too has the Tri-Cities economy transformed itself. Instead of relying on the Hanford Site and the government funding the installation received to attract new residents with jobs, the Tri-Cities has significantly diversified the economy of the area to make it much more stable to changes in one industry or another. That stability has helped job growth throughout the Tri-Cities and Franklin County, accounting for such a rise in population.

Industries like the Tri-Cities wine industry have really demonstrated that growth as the reputation and size of the local wine-making industry continues to blossom. An increasing number of businesses (especially in food services and health care) have called southeastern Washington and Franklin home over the past 10 years and because it has a very skilled workforce, will continue to do just that. That evolution has truly been something to see and the growth that has been confirmed by the U.S. Census Bureau this year for Pasco and Franklin County is only the latest in a long line of bits of evidence showing that to be true.

A Beautiful Confluence
What makes the recent run of growth for Pasco and Franklin County so remarkable is the combination of scenery and economic growth that has caused it. Few places can claim such a wonderful array of opportunities in a more serene, yet affordable setting and with the Yakima, Snake, and Columbia Rivers working their way through Franklin County, the Tri-Cities can claim just that. Though that growth has caused there to be some growing pains over the years as housing and infrastructure have tried to keep pace with the escalating interest in the area, all of that new energy will continue to make southeastern Washington and Franklin County in particular an attractive location.

One needs to look no further than the real estate industry in Pasco to see evidence of growth as there are now more opportunities than ever for prospective homeowners to find just what they’re looking for. The growth of the area has produced a rich, diverse set of properties of all levels with a variety of amenities, fitting nicely a variety of budgets and desires. Pasco and Franklin County can both look to a bright future of continued growth, drawing in more and more residents to the true gem of southeastern Washington.

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