Columbia Park

People lucky enough to own homes or real estate in Kennewick, WA get to enjoy the beautiful parks and recreations areas throughout the city. Most of the homes in Kennewick are within easy access of one of these areas, making owning a house here even more rewarding. If you’re looking to purchase a home in the area, ask your Realtor which parks are close to the areas you’re investigating. Many people choose to buy a house situated near the Columbia River, and enjoy the many rewards that Columbia Park East has to offer.

Columbia Park

Prime Pristine Park Lands
100 acres of pristine park lands make up the Columbia Park East recreational area. Nestled against the shores of the Columbia River, the park offers a wide variety of options to those seeking to enjoy nature at its finest. A slew of attractions offer fun for the entire family, and frequent special events keep things new and exciting all year round.

Get the Family Out of the House
Family attractions abound, such as the Playground of Dreams, an aquatic water park, horseshoe pits, and even a family fishing area, where young anglers (under 15) can fish to their hearts’ delight without worrying about interfering with the “grown ups”. The J&S express gives families a fun way to explore the park by train, which even has a wheelchair lift. The newly completed Columbia River Skate Park offers even the most energetic teenagers a safe, cool place to show off their skills and hang out with their friends.#idx-price-bar#

Being on the river, there’s no shortage of water-based activities. Visitors can use the boat launch to explore the Columbia River, or fish in the 8 acre fishing pond. Whether weekend warriors or serious enthusiasts, the well stocked pond is sure to offer every fishing aficionado hours of relaxing enjoyment.

There’s Something For Everyone
Special events take place around the year in Columbia Park East. Hydroplane races are a popular event which take place each year in July. There are also many other fun festivities, such as fun runs, walks, open air trade shows, arts and craft displays and concerts. It also makes a great place to host your own event, whether a family reunion, a corporate picnic, or a great birthday party. There are plenty of facilities to make hosting an event at Columbia Park East easy, convenient and fun. There are picnic tables everywhere, and electricity access and parking areas are generously scattered throughout.

Whether you want to host a small, intimate get together, or the bash of the year, or if you just want to enjoy a weekend away from the house and get closer to nature, Columbia Park East has something for everyone. If you’re considering purchasing real estate in the area, and having wide open spaces nearby is important to you, speak with your real estate agent about homes in the Columbia Park East vicinity.

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