Pasco is a thriving community that has buyers flocking to the available real estate in this area. This community is full of life and recreational activities, as the homes here are surrounded by beautiful parks, sports grounds, and bodies of water. Because the Pasco community likes to keep their parks beautiful, they have developed a program called the adopt-a-park program.

Pasco Adopt-A-Park-ProgramWhat Is the Adopt-a-Park Program?
As a homeowner in Pasco, it is a fantastic thing to help and become a part of the growing community. When you help to clean or maintain one of the lovely parks, you give yourself and your community a deep sense of achievement and pride. Leave a mark behind by adopting a park and helping to keep it beautiful. You will be one of the people reaping the rewards afterward, by enjoying scenic trails and sunny picnics for years to come. Some of the activities you can get involved in are picking up litter, reporting park hazards, pulling, and raking leaves, planting trees, and sweeping walkways. There are many tasks available for you to help out with. We all need to understand just how important it is to look after our resources and adopting a park near your home in Pasco creates strong community awareness. If you are a business, this can act as a strong team-building activity.

Simple Process
The process of adopting a park near Pasco is simple. You first have to request an application form which you fill out and hand back. In a short while, you should be contacted by a City of Pasco representative, telling you that your application has been approved. You may then start your volunteer work. A sign will display that you have adopted the park so that others may acknowledge your contribution. If you feel that a long-term commitment is something you can’t live up to and you would just like to help out now and then, you can attend one of the many special volunteer events and do once-off cleanups to show your true appreciation for the park.

It Is a Commitment
When you decide to adopt a park surrounding real estate, it is a commitment of at least one year. All applications are processed and approved on a first-come, first-served basis so it is vital to hurry with the application process to get your place as a dedicated volunteer. If children wish to participate in any volunteer work there must be at least one adult to every five children so that safety isn’t an issue. The office hours for the City of Pasco representatives are Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 and 17:00. There are unfortunately hazards to everything we do in life, so it is vital that as a volunteer you sign an Adopt-A-Park agreement. As volunteers, you will also receive trash bags, disposable gloves, and safety information. If you are a resident of Pasco and would like to get involved in this community effort you can call 509-543-5757.

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