Pasco Washington Overview

Pasco is a picturesque city in Franklin County, Washington, USA. Situated in the east and north of the Columbia River, Pasco is buzzing with real estate boom. Apart from its tranquil environs, Pasco oozes chock-full of living comforts. Glitzy architecture, earthquake resistant construction, fit-to-suit-you sites, and across-the-board facilities constitute some of the glittering features that would tempt anyone. Clumping together all the trappings of top-drawer living comforts, Pasco Washington real estate presents you with hordes of enticing options. Just go and grab the one that’s suits you the best!

Pasco Overview

Brief History of Pasco
Early inhabitants chose to settle in the Pasco Washington area since the fishing was good and the winters were so mild. Lewis and Clark camped in Pasco on October 6, 1805. Sacagawea State Park stands where Lewis and Clark stopped. In later years, hunters and trappers frequented the area and used the three main rivers( the Snake, Columbia, and Yakima Rivers) as guides for their expeditions. Washington became a state on November 11, 1889, mainly due to the arrival of the Northern Pacific Railroad. The railroad town of Ainsworth moved to Pasco in 1886; the arrival of this town brought with it a county seat. Pasco was named by Virgil Bogue, who was an engineer for Northern Pacific Railway. He named Pasco after a city in the Andes, Cerro de Pasco. Pasco, Washington was a relatively small railroad town, until the completion of Grand Coulee Dam, which brought irrigation to the dry, arid lands surrounding Pasco Wa.

Recreation: With 300 days of sunshine and an abundance of rivers, Pasco has a lot to offer in the area of recreation. People can take the opportunity to boat, water-ski, windsurf, swim, fish, hunt, walk, jog, or bike over 22 miles of riverfront paths. The mild winter climate allows golf courses to stay open year round. Located within a few hours is a ski resort for snow lovers. Pasco boasts of the areas largest sporting complex, which includes six softball fields, batting cages, a playground, adjoining soccer fields, and a professional baseball stadium nearby, where the Tri-City Dust Devils Single A team plays baseball.#idx-price-bar#

In Pasco Wa, there are three public swimming pools, 20 city parks, 19 tennis courts, 19 soccer fields, Edgar Brown Track and Football Stadium, a municipal gold course, and 14 softball fields.

Pasco, Washington is a hunter’s paradise that is a natural habitat for deer, Canadian geese, quail, Chinook salmon, steelhead, trout, and large-mouth bass.

The Pasco Farmer’s Market offers people a chance to taste the local produce. Open May through November, the market offers fresh fruits and vegetables, sausages, fresh baked bread, and delicious pastries.

Pasco Economy
Economy: Pasco is home to one of Eastern Washington’s largest business and convention hotels, a full-service airport, and extensive barge and rail facilities. Some of Pasco’s largest employers include Burlington Northern, Lamb Weston, Boise Cascade Paper, Tyson Meats, Energy Northwest, Fluor Hanford Inc., Bechtel National Inc., and Batelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratories.

Pasco Growth
Pasco, in terms of net growth, is the fastest-growing city in Washington. In 2000, the population was 36,066. By 2005, it jumped up to 44,190. 52.76% of the population is white, with Hispanics making up 52.26% of the population.

Education: Pasco has eleven elementary schools (Angelou Elementary, Chess Elementary, Emerson Elementary, Frost Elementary, Livingston Elementary, Longfellow Elementary, Markham Elementary, McGee Elementary, Robinson Elementary, Twain Elementary, and Whittier Elementary), three middle schools (McLoughlin Middle School, Ochoa Middle School, and Stevens Middle School), and two high schools (New Horizons, whose mascot is a Phoenix, and Pasco High School, Home of the Bulldogs).

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