Brief Summary of Burbank

Burbank Washington is a small town 8 miles from Pasco and approximately 11 miles from Kennewick and is located in Walla Walla County. It was originally a place where early day ferry riders could rest or get their horses shod. In 1905 a private company started developing an irrigation system to supplement the area’s seven inches of rainfall a year.Burbank Summary

Farmers arrived and planted fruit trees, grapes and alfalfa only to find their dreams short lived when the irrigation company went bankrupt. The framers held out until the federally financed Columbia Basin Project brought in water through the irrigation process.

Burbank Geographical Information
The town of Burbank has a total area of 15 square miles, of that 13.3 square miles is land and 1.7 square miles (11.36%) is water. Burbank is located near the confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers. The average temperature in the winter is 32 degrees and in the summer is 75 degrees.

Burbank SummaryDemographic Data for Burbank Washington
The census of 2000 showed that Burbank had a population of 3,303 with 1,089 households and 908 families. Of that population there were 90.16% White, 0.30% African American, 0.82% Native American, 0.36% Asian, 0.12% Pacific Islander, 5.81% from other races, and 2.42% from two or more races. 9.93% of the population is Hispanic or Latino. Of the White population the ancestries are: 23.4% German, 11.1% English, 7.3% Irish, 7.3% United States, 6.9% Dutch, and 6.7% Norwegian. The median income is (as of 2000) $50,522 and the median family income is $52,146. The median price for a house was $131,900.

Burbank School System
Burbank has one high school (Columbia High School), one elementary school (Columbia Elementary), one middle school (Columbia Middle School), and the Columbia Special Ed School. Nearby colleges include the Columbia Basin community College in Pasco (approximately 9 miles), Walla Walla Community College (about 47 miles), and Eastern Oregon University (about 88 miles).#idx-price-bar#

Why Burbank is a Good Place to Purchase Into
It is also near the McNary Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge covers 3,629 acres of marsh, croplands, and grasslands. There are resting and feeding areas for up to 100,000 migratory waterfowl. You can also see Canada geese, mallards, widgeons, and pintails, with lesser numbers of tundra swans, snow geese, and green winged teal. For the outdoor enthusiast there is camping and boat launches nearby. The Sacajawea State Park and Interpretive Center is just across the Snake River from the town. This is part of an area that was scoured by the Ice Age Floods that came through here 15,000 years ago with hikes to various outstanding formations that were formed by the floods. You are also close to the wineries and the larger cities of Pasco and Kennewick with all of their amenities of a large variety of stores. In Pasco you have the Lourdes Hospital and in Kennewick there is the Kennewick General Hospital.

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