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paper art and sculptureAn exhibition of paper art and sculpture will be held at the CBC beginning June 29, 2017. The reception will be at 6 p.m., which will be held at the Columbia Basin College, located at 2600 N 20th Ave., Pasco, WA.

Sculpture and Paper Art Exhibit Featuring Marie Noorani and Nathan Robles

Marie Noorani is a native of Buffalo, New York. Marie's passion for the art developed while visiting classes at the art galleries in Buffalo, particularly the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Marie believes that she has twisted view of the world and this is reflected in the kind of non-representational art that she creates.

Meanwhile, Nathan Robles was born in Arizona and raised in Washington. Nathan was a child when he discovered his desire to create art. When he…

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Columbia Basin College Presents 'In the Cloud' and Joe Batt: An Exhibit of Figurative Ceramic Sculpture and Drawing | Pasco, WAThe Columbia Basin College Arts and Humanities is pleased to present In the Cloud and artist, Joe Batt, until December 9, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. This exhibit will be held at the Esvelt Gallery Columbia Basin College, at 2600 N.20th Ave., P. Building, Pasco, WA, For more details, please visit the In the Cloud news page at CBC's website.

About 'In the Cloud'
In the Cloud started out on November 7 and will run until the 9th of December. It will feature the works of the artist Joe Batt, who is also a professor of art at the South Puget Sound Community College. Joe's artworks give prominence to a combination of figurative ceramic sculpture and drawing featuring an array of surfaces like wood, paper, and walls. Joe makes use of a variety of art materials and…

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11th Annual Tri-City Artists Open Studio Tour - Tri-Cities, WashingtonOn November 15 and 16 everyone is invited to the 11th Annual Tri-City Artists Open Studio Tour happening in Tri-Cities, Washington from 11:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. Admission is free.

About the 11th Annual Tri-City Artists Open Studio Tour
The tour features a free self-guided driving tour to visit 11 artists in 11 studios located around the greater Tri-City region.

Featured artists include:
Linda Andrews - Fused Glass & Jewelry
Consuelo Soto Murphy - Painting
Jan Nilsson - Mixed Media
Ted Neth - Sculpture
Kasia Gorski Schmoll - Oil Paintings
April Ottey - Jewelry
Philip Harding - Painting and Pastels
Kathryn Kaye - Paintings and Encaustic
Denise Bowles - Acrylic Painting and Mixed Media
David Wyatt - Aerial Photography
Chris Walling -…

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Fantasy Gardens Art Reception At Esvelt Gallery, Pasco WashingtonDo you want to be see sculptures and digital artwork? If so, you are cordially invited on Tuesday, June 17 for the Fantasy Gardens Art Reception happening at Esvelt Gallery, Columbia Basin.

What is Fantasy Garden?
Fantasy Garden is an art show reception that will take place in Columbia Basin College located at 2600 N 20th Avenue Pasco, Washington from 5:30 until 7:30 in the evening on the said date.

The reception will feature artists David O. Blacketer and Randy Berglund. David will be showing off ceramic sculpture and Randy will be displaying digital artwork.

More Details about the Event
Admission is FREE! Check out the event page here.

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