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Snoop Dogg - Puff Puff Pass Tour 2016 Featuring Bone Thug-N-Harmony, DJ Quick, and a Lot More! | KennewickThe Snoop Dogg Puff Puff Pass Tour 2016 will be held on December 7, 2016, at 8:00 p.m. This event will take place at Toyota Center, 7000 W Grandridge Boulevard, Kennewick. For more details, please visit the Snoop Dogg Puff Puff Pass Tour 2016 page at Toyota Center's website.

About 'Snoop Dogg - Puff Puff Pass Tour 2016'
Snoop Dogg is Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. in real life. He came from Long Beach, California, but is known all over the world for his remarkable performances as a rapper, singer, actor, and songwriter. Snoop Dogg is popular in genres hip-hop, funk, reggae, and R&B.

Snoop Dogg's performance at the Toyota Center is a part of his Puff Puff Pass Tour 2016. This event will also feature Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Warren G., DJ Quick, Pamona City…

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The Roxy Bar presents Sum People and Take 28 in Kennewick Come to The Roxy Bar on January 30 and see the live performances of Sum People and Take 28. The performance will start at 9:00 p.m. The Roxy Bar is located at 101 West Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, WA. For more details, visit The Roxy Bar's website.

About the Performers
Sum People is composed of Scott Nearing and Marshall Turner, both on guitar and vocals, Matthew Hobber on bass and Travis Moran on drums. The band plays Reggae Rock and Ska. The members are from La Grande, Oregon. Sum People started playing together in 2008.
Meanwhile, Take 28 specializes in Alternative Rock. The members are comprised of Shelby Harvey, Liam Ross, Kurt Bjerkestrand and Clayton Elledge. Take 28 was launched in 2014.

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Blu Meadows – Afro-Cuban/Funk/ Reggae From Seattle In Richland, WashingtonOn Friday October 9 at 9:00 in the evening Blu Meadows will be performing and entertaining fans at The Emerald of Siam. This Afro-Cuban, funk, reggae artist with explosive riffs will surely have you out of your chair and to the dance floor the moment he starts jamming.

About the Blu Meadows
Blu Meadows music is best described as “Consciousness” rock with a universal message and he plays music not only to entertain but with the intention to open the minds of his listeners. Blu meadows is from Seattle but his music taken him not only in the US but also in Europe. 

The gig will be at the Emerald of Siam, 1314 Jadwin Richland, Washington on Friday October 9 at 9:00 pm. Admission is at $7 for general public.

For more information and details of the…

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Bachaco - Reggae/Latin From CA At The Emerald Of Siam Richland, WashingtonOn Wednesday, September 16 watch Bachaco - Reggae/Latin from CA at The Emerald of Siam in Richland, Washington at 9:00 in the evening. Admission is free.

About Bachaco
The group has a  Reggae Rock and Latin Roots that sounds perfectly blend feel-good Reggae Music with conscious lyrics and party jams to the beat of their own Afro-Caribbean Roots Rock inspired by new and classic sounds of Bob Marley songs, Latin Music and California Reggae.

Conceived and founded by Venezuelan brothers Edilberto ‘Eddy’ Morillo, lead vocals, and Jose Morillo, bass and vocals, in Miami, Florida where they met the rest of the band and current lineup: Domingo Medina on drums, also from Venezuela, Jamaican guitarist and vocalist Matthew Jacquette, Alexander Cruz, Puerto…

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Sol Seed - Reggae/Hip-hop/Psychedelic From Eugene At Richland, WashingtonOn Friday, January 9 come and watch Sol Seed - Reggae/Hip-hop/Psychedelic From Eugene at The Emerald of Siam located in 1314 Jadwin Richland, Washington. The show is free and starts at 9:00 in the evening.

About the Sol Seed
The group will entertain their audience to their distinct sound combining the best elements of Reggae, Rock, Hip Hop and Psychedelic Jam to form a positive musical fusion that is uniquely their own. With conscious, thought-provoking lyrics, infectious reggae-laden grooves and high-energy, impressive live performances, Sol Seed creates an unforgettable live-music experience for people of all ages to enjoy.

For more information you may call The Emerald of Siam at 509-946-9328 or go to

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World's Finest - Bluegrass/Reggae/Fusion From Portland In Richland, WashingtonOn Saturday, January 10 be entertained by World's Finest - Bluegrass/Reggae/Fusion From Portland at The Emerald of Siam located in 1314 Jadwin Richland, Washington. The show is free and will be at 9:00 in the evening.

About World's Finest
The group is a unique band that fuses too many genra's to count. Everything from Bluegrass to reggae and ska to funk finds its way in to their set. Their shows are an unbridled expression of energy and love for music. Stunning four part harmonies, electric banjo and upright bass make this an experience you surely don't want to miss!

For more information you may call The Emerald of Siam at 509-946-9328 or go to

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Simba and Exceptional Africans At The Emerald of Siam In Richland, WashingtonOn Thursday, January 8 catch Simba and Exceptional Africans - Afrobeat/Reggae/Jazz from ID at The Emerald of Siam located in 1314 Jadwin Richland, Washington. The show is free and starts at 9:00 in the evening.

About the Group
Mixing Afrobeat, Reggae, Jazz, Funk and Soul, Simba and the Exceptional Africans bring world class musicianship to world music.

For more information you may call The Emerald of Siam at 509-946-9328 or go to

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Live Reggae With Natural Remedy At  Roxy Bar & Nightclub, KennewickCheck out The Roxy Bar & Nightclub on Friday, July 25 at 9:00 in the evening for their Live Reggae event featuring Natural Remedy on a live full band performance.

About Natural Remedy
Natural Remedy is a fresh, roots-pop band based out of Portland, Oregon. Combining elements of rock, pop, reggae, and hip hop, the band is more popularly known for their lively shows and dynamic performances.

The group started in 2009 and has toured across southern California, playing such venues as The Key Club, The Roxy, The Whiskey A Go Go, and Saint Rocke. The band has also performed with artists like One Drop Redemption, Pacific Dub, Sean Kingston, and the New Boyz.

Details of the Event
There is NO Cover Charge only before 9:30 PM. After which admission is…

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