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Brandy Larsen and Steve Haberman - Lend an Ear to Two of the Best Jazz Artists in Tri-Cities at the Emerald of Siam in Richland, WAThe Emerald of Siam Thai Restaurant and Lounge is pleased to present two of Tri-Cities best Jazz artists, Brandy Larsen, and Steve Haberman on May 13, 2016. The show will start at 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. The Emerald of Siam Thai Restaurant and Lounge is located at 1314 Jadwin Avenue, Richland, WA. Kindly visit the Emerald of Siam's website for more details.

About the Brandy Larsen and Steve Haberman Show 
Steve Haberman's kind of music is one that is rich in symmetry. He has a talent in incorporating extraordinary approach on note lines. Haberman's strong stage presence reflects his mastery of his craft which he gained from the Berklee College of Music. Haberman's experiences in performing at popular venues in New York, Anaheim, Nashville and U.K.…

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Luke Irvine Performs at Mezzo Thai Fusion: A Captivating Jazz Show | Richland, WALuke Irvine will perform at Mezzo Thai Fusion on March 3, 2016. Luke's live performance will be from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Mezzo Thai Fusion is located at 110 Gage Boulevard, #200 Richland, WA. Please visit the Mezzo Thai Fusion's website for more details.

Great Performer, Healthy Stuff and Cozy Ambiance at Mezzo Thai Fusion 
Luke Irvine's exceptional talent in music will absolutely make the guest's experience at Mezzo Thai Fusion one that is hard to forget. Luke's passion and special skills in performing Jazz is one of a kind that it makes the audience heavily into it in an instant. What makes the Luke Irvine Performance at Mezzo Thai Fusion a must-see is not just his noteworthy talent. Mezzo Thai Fusion is a place where the whole family can enjoy,…

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Wabi Sabi - Jazz Fusion | The Emerald of Siam in Richland, WAThe Emerald of Siam Thai Restaurant and Lounge is sending invitation to everyone to be a part of the Wabi Sabi - Jazz Fusion event which will be held on February 11, 2016. Wabi Sabi - Jazz Fusion will be staged from 9:00 p.m. until midnight. The Emerald of Siam Thai Restaurant and Lounge is stationed at 1314 Jadwin Ave., Richland, WA. Please visit the Emerald of Siam's website for more details regarding Wabi Sabi - Jazz Fusion.

Wabi Sabi's Performance - A Reflection of Passion for Jazz
Wabi Sabi is a jazz music ensemble made up of Dara Quinn on keyboards, Justin Chapman on bass and Kedric Nobles on drums. The trio's passion for jazz is always evident when they perform. Whenever Wabi Sabi members occupy the performing stage, they bring out a level of…

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Kelin Kreider - Jazz Jam in Richland, WAKelin Kreider will host the Jazz Jam at The Emerald of Siam Thai Restaurant and Lounge on January 27, 2016. Jazz Jam with Kelin will start at 8:00 p.m. and will take place at 1314 Jadwin Ave., Richland, WA. More details about Jazz Jam with Kelin Kreider are available at The Emerald of Siam Thai Restaurant and Lounge's website.

A Distinct Jazz Experience
Jazz can be in different forms and all of these can be heard at Jazz Jam at The Emerald of Siam Thai Restaurant and Lounge. Tunes of Jazz in Swing form, as well as in Latin, Bebop and Modern will be played. The evening will be brimming with excitement with distinct jazz tunes in hip and funky fashion.

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Emerald of Siam presents The Mary Lou and Stevie Show in Richland, WAThe Emerald of Siam Thai Restaurant and Lounge is inviting everyone to watch the Mary Lou and Stevie Show - Retro-Pop American Song Book on January 27, 2016. The Mary Lou and Stevie Show will run from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. and will be held at The Emerald of Siam That Restaurant and Lounge which is located at 1314 Jadwin Ave., Richland, WA. For more details, visit the Emerald of Siam Thai Restaurant and Lounge's website.

Mary Lou and Stevie -Taking the Audience to a Music Paradise
Mary Lou and Stevie are both remarkable performers. They are popular for their wonderful tie-up as music artists. Mary Lou and Stevie's combination results to a truly admirable jazz repertoire. Characterized by their show tunes, heavenly ballads and heart-warming blues,…

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Ben Macy Trio | Richland Washington at Emerald of SiamUpcoming Performance at Emerald of Siam by the Ben Macy Trio
On December 19, 2015, Ben Macy Trio will grace the center stage of Emerald of Siam which is located at 1314 Jadwin Avenue, Richland, Washington. Ben Macy Trio's performance will start at 5:00 p.m. For more details, visit Ben Macy's website.

Ben realized his love for music when he was 10. At 5, his mother had to force him to take piano lessons. Eventually, he got fond of it and began performing with different bands during his high school and college years.

Through a lent Oscar Peterson CD, Ben discovered "jazz". From then on, he never stopped playing jazz. Among great artists Ben has performed with were Jon Shaw, Kyle Owen, Lee Elderton, Neil Mattson, Sam Foulger and Tim Gilson.

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The Blackberry Bushes Stringband | Prosser, Washington at BrewminattiThe Blackberry Bushes Stringband Performs in Prosser, Washington
Celebrate life with the music of The Blackberry Bushes Stringband! The band will perform at Brewminatti, Prosser, Washington on the 4th of December, 2015.

The Blackberry Bushes Stringband's performance suits all ages. Lovers of bluegrass, indie rock, jazz and pop will have a great time listening to the band's melodies. For more details on The Blackberry Bushes Stringband performance at Brewminatti visit The Blackberry Bushes Stringband's website.

About The Blackberry Bushes
All the way from Olympia, Washington, members Jes Raymond, Jakob Breitbach, Daniel Ullom, Forrest Marowitz and Alex Genova, suprised music aficionados with their distinct sound. The Blackberry Bushes have the ability…

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Walla Walla Symphony Cabaret Annual Fundraising Gala Walla Walla, WashingtonOn Saturday, November 7 everybody is invited to come and watch the Walla Walla Symphony in their Annual Fundraising Gala night Cabaret Style to be held at the Whitman College – Reid Campus Center Ballroom in Walla Walla, Washington from 6:00 in the evening until 10:00 in the evening.

More about the Event
This year’s fundraising gala night is a very exciting evening featuring a live jazz orchestra, prohibition inspired food and drinks and live silent auctions. The proceeds will be used to support our free education programs. Come and enjoy the evening with your roaring 20’s attire and capture your memories with on site photo booth.

Whitman College – Reid Campus Center Ballroom is located at 280 Boyer Avenue Walla Walla, Washington. For more…

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FreeForm Friends And Family Concert Columbia Basin College Theatre Pasco, WashingtonOn Saturday, October 17 come and enjoy the music of “Freeform“ Columbia Basin College's vocal jazz ensemble on their first performance this school year. Hear the best of vocals through both solo and ensemble performances. This night will surely be a magical musical moment and a lot of enthusiasm. Freeform is CBC’s nationally acclaimed vocal jazz group directed by Dave Cazier.

Details of the Event
The concert will be held at the Columbia Basin College Theatre which is located at 2600 North 20th Avenue Pasco, Washington. The solo performance will start at 3:00 in the afternoon to be followed by the ensemble performance at 7:30 in the evening. Freeform Friends and Family Concert is free of admission.

For more details of the concert please visit Columbia…

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Badger Mountain Dry Band Performs Live Music At The Emerald of Siam Richland, WashingtonCatch Badger Mountain Dry Band at the Emerald of Siam located at 1314 Jadwin in Richland, Washington as they perform live on Saturday, August 29 from 5:00 in the afternoon to 8:00 in the evening.

Badger Mountain Dry Band
For over 21 years the Badger Mountain Dry Band has brought their band of progressive bluegrass music to the Pacific Northwest. Playing traditional bluegrass instrumentation, the group has presented a music ranging from traditional bluegrass standards, original Gospel material, 60’s rock and roll, swing tunes, big band tunes, old country standards and more.

They also use acoustic/bluegrass instruments to arrange traditional and popular music providing an eclectic blend of music. Don’t miss out listening to this band as they play a…

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