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Interested in seeing a part of history unfold before your eyes? Join the Coyote Canyon Mammoth Dig on May 17 and experience this one of a kind event.

Coyote Canyon Mammoth DigCoyote Canyon Mammoth Dig in Kennewick, WA - Kennewick Community Education
The Columbia Basin holds a lot of interesting secrets under its soil. Get the chance to uncover some of them as you participate in the Coyote Canyon Mammoth Dig on the 17th of May, from 8AM to 11AM at a dig site just southwest of Kennewick. Be prepared to learn more about the different creatures that came thousands of years before you through the entire process as you are given an introduction about the dig site, get a tour of the area and participate in the entire process. Meeting point will be at the Kennewick High School Library. From here, everybody will be bringing their own…

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