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Civil War: Living History and Reenactment | Presented by the Mid-Columbia Libraries in KennewickThe Mid-Columbia Libraries is pleased to present the Civil War: Living History and Reenactment on September 17 and 18, 2016. The event will run from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on both days. This event will be held at Columbia Park, Kennewick. For more details, please visit the Civil War page at the Mid-Columbia Libraries' website.

About the Civil War: Living History and Reenactment
The Civil War: Living History and Reenactment will be presented by the Mid-Columbia Libraries with the help of the City of Kennewick and the Washington Civil War Association. This is a great opportunity for everyone to engage in the history of the American Civil War. Participants get to have a glimpse of the kind of weapons used during those days. There will also be fashion…

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Civil War Army Surgeon Mike Inman | Tri-City Genealogical Society in Kennewick, WAThe Tri-City Genealogical Society is inviting everyone to join its first business meeting for 2016 at Charbonneau located at 8264 W Grandridge Boulevard, Kennewick, WA on January 13, 2016. Apart from the meeting, Civil War Army Surgeon Mike Inman will be presented to educate and entertain the attendees. Although Reenactor Inman was not literally present during the Wilson's Creek battle, he has a lot of lessons to share considering the number of years he studied Civil War. For more information, visit the Tri-City Genealogical Society's website.

Tri-City Genealogical Society's Purposes
The Tri-City Genealogical Society is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1961. The purpose of Tri-City Genealogical Society is to let the public know the…

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Civil War Reenactment Columbia Park East, Bandshell Kennewick, WashingtonEveryone is invited on Saturday, August 23 and Sunday, August 24 at the Columbia Park East, Bandshell in Kennewick, Washington.

About the Event
Call all your friends and come join the Mid-Columbia Libraries at a Civil War Reenactment by the Washington Civil War Association. This Living History and Skirmish event is part of MCL's exhibit Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War, which is on display at MCL's Kennewick branch until September 4.

Admission is FREE! A battle is commencing!

Event Schedule:

Saturday, August 23
11:00 AM Battle
12:00 NN Cooking and Camp Life
1:00 PM Fashion Show
2:00 PM Artillery Demo
3:00 PM Cavalry Demo
4:00 PM Infantry Demo
6:30 PM Victorian Dance (public welcome to observe and participate)

Sunday, August 24

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