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Start Drawing with Pencil & Charcoal At Kennewick Senior CenterDo you love the arts? On Thursday, July 24 at 6:30 in the evening there will be a “Start Drawing with Pencil & Charcoal” event at the Kennewick Senior Center 500 S. Auburn St. Kennewick, Washington.

About Start Drawing with Pencil & Charcoal
All aspiring artists of all ages welcome to join. There will be basic drawing class that will help you become familiar with the skills needed to reconstruct what you see on paper. Get ready to explore shading in pencil and charcoal while using different reference tools to draw anything from a still life to a printed image.

You can also apply a variation of techniques to train your eyes to see like an artist in fun projects where you choose the images you want to draw. A fun learning environment that is all about…

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