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The Ghosts Of Franklin County At Franklin County Historical Museum Pasco, WashingtonBob and Renee Chamberlain, founders of Northwest Paranormal Investigations will be in Franklin County Historical Museum's annual meeting on Saturday, September 26. Listen and be spooked as they talk about the Ghosts of Franklin County at 2:00 in the afternoon.

The Ghosts of Franklin County 
The couple is traveling throughout the Northwest giving lectures on ghost hunting. They have been featured in dozens of TV shows including Top 10 Scariest Places, Paranormal State, My Ghost Stories, and Ghost Adventures and books, including Chuck Palahniuk's book Fugitives and Refugees, and the documentary by the same name. 

Bob and Renee was also seen in FoxTV, Travel Channel, History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, SciFi Channel, A&E, the Food…

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