tone made pro imageTed Brown Richland is pleased to present the Tone Made Pro event on July 18, 2017, from 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. The event will take place at Ted Brown Music, at 2600 North Columbia Center Boulevard, Richland, WA. For more details, visit the website of Ted Brown Music.

Tone Made Pro: Exceptional Guitar Tone Creation

All music enthusiasts, especially guitar players, regardless of skill levels, are invited to join the Tone Made Pro class. There will be a discussion about necessary details to create exceptional guitar tunes. These are the secrets of the best guitar players which can make anyone excel in the field of music. The Tone Made Pro class will also feature great samples of amps and a demonstration of its effects in making guitar tones. Other…

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Math fun for everyoneRichland Public Library is pleased to present the Math Fun for Everyone event on July 6, 2017, from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Richland Public Library is located at 955 Northgate, Richland, WA. For more details visit the website of the Richland Public Library.

Math Fun for Everyone: See the Beauty in Numbers

The Math Fun for Everyone event will be led by Sonia Moursund, along with the Hanford High Math Club. The event aims to make kids from kindergarten through 5th grade, appreciate the beauty in numbers. Math Fun for Everyone will feature fun activities that will make kids learn the concept of Mathematics in ways that are enjoyable and not complicated.

There are wrong misconceptions about Math being a boring and extremely difficult subject.…

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craftapaloozaLisa Day Designs is pleased to present the Craftapalooza beginning July 17, 2017, at 1:00 p.m. The event will take place at 4011 Tamarack Road, West Richland, WA. For more details, visit the Lisa Day Designs' website.

Lisa Day Designs: Encouraging Creativity Through Crafts

Craftapalooza will run until July 20, 2017. The class will feature paper mache and Mardi Gras masks. Other activities will include assorted painted projects, snow globes, and paint tiles. Admission to the Craftapalooza costs $100 each. Don't miss it!

Kids should join arts and crafts activities as these are things that can benefit the child in a number of ways. Arts and crafts can help enhance the child's coordination and motor skills. It also has beneficial effects to one's…

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cancer prevention lifestyle The Cancer Prevention Lifestyle with Robert Wright event will take place on July 20, 2017, from 6:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. The discussion will be held at Beaver Bark Gift & Garden Center, at 607 Aaron Drive, Richland, WA.

Cancer Prevention Lifestyle: How to Beat the Big 'C'

Cancer is a disease that is caused by abnormal cell growth which spreads in the body and often begins with symptoms like lumps, cough, sudden weight loss, and bleeding. There are over a hundred types of cancer including colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, the overall death caused by cancer has decreased since the 1990s. It is hoped that through events such as the Cancer Prevention Lifestyle with Bob Wright,…

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understanding fibromylagia imageKadlec Neurological Resource Center will present the Understanding Fibromyalgia event on July 21, 2017, from 1:00 p.m. until 2:30 p.m. The event will take place at the Sycamore Room, Kadlec Healthplex, at 1268 Lee Boulevard, Richland WA. For more details, visit the website of Kadlec.

Understanding Fibromyalgia: A Chronic Muscle and Tissue Disorder

The discussion on Understanding Fibromyalgia will be led by the speaker Anjan Sen, MD, a Neurosurgeon from Kadlec Neuroscience Center. The event will provide a general review of this chronic disease. The common symptoms of Fibromyalgia include musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, sleeping disorder, mood issues, and problems with memory. The treatment options for this condition include pain medicine, sleeping…

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jaime oBranding Iron is pleased to present Jamie O'Neal Unplugged on July 6, 2017. The show will run from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Branding Iron is located at 213 West Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, WA. For more details, visit the website of the Axiom Entertainment.

Jaime O'Neal Unplugged

Jaime O'Neal has been nominated four times at the Grammy Awards. There Is No Arizona and When I Think About Angels are just two of Jaime's singles which have reached the number position at the chart in the United States. Jaime is a native of Sydney Australia, She specializes in country music and is known for her remarkable showmanship.

Admission to Jaime O' Neal's performance at the Branding Iron costs $15 each for minors and $20 each for adults. The show is for…

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Ladies Night Out Friends for Freedom: A Ladies Night Out will be held on July 6, 2017. The fun will run from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and will be held at the Richland Uptown Theater, at 1300 Jadwin Ave., Richland, WA.

Friends for Freedom: A Beneficial Ladies Night Out Event

The Friends for Freedom event is a fun gathering for ladies which is comprised of shopping, makeovers, and wine. This event offers a great venue where women who wish to pamper themselves with facials and manicures while bonding with friends. There will also be crafts for those who want to unwind after a hard day's work.

All proceeds from the Friends for Freedom: A Ladies Night Out event will benefit the organization, Rescue: Freedom International. This organization is focused on providing…

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sunset sweatThe Sunset Sweat will be held on July 14, 2017, from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. The activity will take place at Howard Amon Park, at 500 Amon Park Drive, Richland, WA.

Sunset Sweat: Get High On the Benefits of Yoga

The Sunset Sweat and are inviting all fitness enthusiasts to join the yoga activity at the Howard Amon Park. End a stressful workweek with a recreational workout and delight in the physical benefits of yoga. The activity will include a 45-minute burn and flow workout which aims to tone the muscles, improve flexibility, achieve and maintain a balanced metabolism and enhance circulatory health. 

Yoga is also an effective exercise to correct one's posture. It helps prevents cartilage and joint breakdown. Immediate effects of…

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sports leadership clinicMadSkills Sports and Fitness is pleased to present the Sports Leadership Clinic for Parents, Coaches, and Athletes on July 15, 2017, from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. The clinic will take place at the Westside Church Gymnasium, at 1007 Wright Ave., Richland, WA.

Sports Leadership Clinic for Parents, Coaches, and Athletes

The Sports Leadership Clinic will be comprised of interactive activities that will teach how to build winning characters and shape future champions. The event will feature the USA Basketballs Tri-City Coach Academy, along with special guests, who will impart tips on how to develop on-court and off-court leadership skills. Among topics included in the leadership clinic are tips on how to be a great sports parent, building characters,…

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paradise imageThe Wet Palette Party is pleased to present the Paradise Beach painting party on July 15, 2017. from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. The painting activity will be held at The Wet Palette Studio, at 615 The Parkway, Richland, WA. For more details, visit the Paradise Beach page at the Wet Palette Party's website.

Paradise Beach: Painting a Beautiful Landscape

Painting a beautiful landscape, like a paradise, lets the painter appreciate the natural world even more. The Wet Palette Party is glad to feature the Paradise Beach painting party not only because it helps enthusiasts hone their painting talent, but also because it promotes further appreciation to nature's magnificence.

The Wet Palette Party is a 3-hour painting event where painters are allowed to…

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